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Trump invites Democrats for talks to end shutdown over Mexico wall

US President Donald Trump urged the opposition Democrats to visit the White House for talks to end the government shutdown, which is now in its record 22nd day.

In a tweet, he said he is waiting for Democrats leaders and they should come back to Washington to end the shutdown. This statement comes days after he walked out of a meeting with the Congressional leaders when they shot down his border wall funding proposal.

He also threatened that the shutdown could continue for a long time, if there is no agreement.

The partial government shutdown yesterday entered its 22nd day, surpassing the previous record of 21 days.

This longest ever shut down. Trump has sought 5.7 billion dollars in funding from Congress to construct a concrete wall or a physical steel barrier on the US-Mexico border to prevent illegal immigrants and smuggling.

The opposition Democrats have said that under no circumstances can they approve such a proposal. 

This has resulted in a partial government shutdown wherein more 800,000 federal government employees have been left without work and have not received their salaries.

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