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Hyderabad, Sep 03 (Newslines): The Muslim Rashtra Manch (MRM) Patron and RSS Leader Mr. Indresh Kumar is expected in Hyderabad City to offer Dhatti on Historical Alam-e-Bibisa  on 10th Moharram-ul-haram (1440H) at Darulshifa, Hyderabad.  The Shia Muslim organizations of Hyderabad appreciate his beliefs towards Alam-e-Bibisa and Mourning days of Moharram-ul-haram.

The Hyderabad City is famous for having its unique identity as symbol of National Integrity in all over India. The people belong to all wings and sections of society irrespective of their caste and creed observe Mourning days in memory of Imam Hussainas. This is from Qutb Shahi period both Hindus and Muslims together participate in Moharram-ul-haram rituals, which is a symbol of communal harmony and after 400 years also it is observed in same manner in Hyderabad City and every part of both Telugu states. The Yamun-s-Saltanat Mir Mohammed Momin Astarabadi who was a prominent priest (Alim) in Qutb Shahi period and had constructed many Mosques and Ashoorkhanas in every village where Non-Muslims also commemorate martyrdom of Imam Hussainas during the Mourning days of Moharram-ul-haram by way of Stalling Alam-e-Mubarak. (Newslines)

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