Thursday , September 29 2022

Delegation of Markazi Anjuman Matami Gurohan met CP regarding Moharram bandobast

Hyderabad city which is world famous for its iconic structure Charminar and the Moharram mourning procession which is taken out in the old city to commemorate the Martyrdom of Imam Hussian (A.S) the grandson of Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.S).

Delegation of Markazi Anjuman Matami Gurohan, Hyderabad, T.S led by its president Mr. Syed Najaf Ali Shoukat (Journalist)  met the Hyderabad City police commissioner Mr. Anjani Kumar and other senior police officers additional CP Mr. Chouhan, Additional CP Traffic Mr. Anil Kumar, Additional CP Crime and SIT Smt. Shikha Goel and gave a memorandum regarding police bandobast and traffic management during the Mourning month of Muharram in respect of Majalises, Matami Julose (processions) and visit of to the Ashoor Khanas by zaereen to pay Homage.

The memorandum stated that , the State Government and the City police is fully aware of the Erstwhile observation of Mourning days during the Month of Moharram by people belonging to all section of Society irrespective of cast, creed and religion. It’s a symbol of National Integrity where Hindus, Muslim, Sikhs and Christians pay their homage to Imam Hussain (A.S) and the Martyrs of Karbala according to their customs and traditions and throng to the Ashoorkhanas and Alawas to pay their respect and offer dhatties along with their fellow Shia Muslims.

Markazi Anjuman Matami Gurohan has requested the city police commissioner for adequate police bandobast from 10-09-2018 till the end of the mourning days. They also apprise the police about the Khooni Matam that will be performed during the Ashura Matam procession along with the Historic BIBI K A ALAM and other procession during the holy month and the usage of sword, knife and razor blades by Matamdars while performing KHAMA and ZANJEER ZANI.

The delegation comprising of Mr. S.M.Mirza zaidi (Advisor), Mr. Abbas Nawab (Vice President), Mr. Ali Raza Abedi (Secretary), Mr. Askari Hussain (Treasurer), Mr. Sajjad Hussain Moosavi (publicity Secretary), Mr. Shabbir Hassan Khan (Media Incharge) and Mr. Ameer Ali (Chote Bhai) (Executive Member) and other members of Markazi Anjuman Matami Gurohan which has been active since 1955 were also present.

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