Monday , December 5 2022

Cops step up drive against drugs; 7 held in six days

Hyderabad, March 16 (PMI): The Cyberabad police stepped up its drive against Ganja trade under Cyberabad Commissionerate limits. Continuous raids are being conducted on a daily basis. Bulk buyers, local retailers and drug transporters are on police radar in order to curb Ganja peddling and usage.

From March 10 to March 15, in Cyberabad limits, three cases were registered, seven offenders were arrested, 400.65 gram of Ganja was seized. 284 E-petty cases were registered. Till now, on 19 drug offenders P.D Act was imposed by Cyberabad CP Stephen Raveendra, IPS, in the limits of Cyberabad Police Commissionerate.

The CP called upon public to inform the Police regarding information related to Drug suppliers through Dial 100 or through Cyberabad NDPS Enforcement Cell 79011 05423 or Cyberabad WhatsApp number 9490617444.  Identity will be kept confidential. (PMI)

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