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Hyderabad Sep 04 (Newslines):  Sri Poonam Chand Pehalwan devotee of Imam Hussaina.s who organized Majlis-e-Aza Imam Hussaina.s every year on 21st Muharram-ul-haram since last 30th  years at Bargah-e- Hazrat-e-Abul Fazlil Abbasa.s Dewan Dewdi, Hyderabad strongly condemned  the offending, derogatory and hurting statement passed  by Mushtaq Hussain @ Chotu along with his Office bearers, patron and legal Advisor   against Blood donation by the Shia Muslims to “BLOOD BANK” by saying “that the blood donated by Shia Muslim will be go to “KAFIR”, and others (Aghiyaar) because it is not written on the Blood Bottle that it is for Shia Muslims thus hurting the sentiments of Hindu’s and other communities and advocating against the ideals, morals and principles Humanity for which Imam Hussaina.s sacrificed his family and friends on the plains of Karbala.

Mr Poonam  said he has seen a video Clip which was viral on Social Media in which Mr Mushtaq Hussain on 13th July 2022 at Ali Villa, Purani Havely, Hyderabad in the presence of  Six  others (i) Syed Haqayaq Ali Khan Abedi @ Abbas Nawab (ii) Mujtaba Moosvi @ Mujju (iii) Syed Murtuza Ali (iv) Mir Haider Ali (v) Syed Jaffar Abbas Nadeem (vi) Ghulam Panjetan  addressing Media persons which is called to announced the names of Office bearers, and legal Advisor of the Markaz,  had delivered the hate speech and tried to  provoke the emotion of Shia Muslims and create rift between Shia Muslims and Hindus and insult the “Hindus” during his speech by delivering derogatory hateful speech which has hurt the sentiments of Hindus.

Mr Poonam said that lot of Hindus install Alam-e-Mubarak in Ashoorkhana’s like Ashoorkhana-e-Ghusal-e-Aatish, Musheerabad, Ashoor khana at Troop Bazar, Hyderabad were in both Ashoorkhanas the Muttawallis are “HINDUS” and they install the Alam-e-Mubarak and take it out in the specific dates incessantly in  Hyderabad City, apart from this in both Telugu States, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Hindu people install Alam-e- Mubarak and called the Muslim person to pay homage to Imam Hussaina.s and  recite “FATEHA” and taken out the Alam-e-Mubarak on fire (aag).

In Visakhapatnam One hundred and Ten (110) Alam-e-Mubarak installed by “Hindus”, and called a Muslim to recite “Fateha”, Sri Poonam asked with Mushtaq Hussain @ Chotu and his Six collogues those were present on the dais at the time of addressing Media Persons that “Did anyone from Shia Muslim Community installed Ganpathi Maharaj, celebrate Bonalu Panduga or Holi, the holy functions belongs to “Hindu” etc in their life time?.”

Sri Poonam challenged Mushtaq Hussain @ Chou and his six (6) colleagues those were present there with him, to come with him (Poonam) to Alawa-e- Bibis.a where thousands of Hindus pay their homage to Imam Hussaina.s from 1st Muharram to 10th Muharram-ul-Haram every year and give lot of respect to Imam Hussaina.s ,Bibi Fatemas.a and Hazrat Alia.s and their family members.

Sri Poonam said Mushtaq Hussain @ Chotu have no knowledge of “Battle of Karbala” the “Hussaini Brahmans” went to plain of Karbala from India to provide their martyrdom in favor of Imam Hussaina.s but it is their bad luck when they reached plain of Karbala war was end and they could not pay their homage to Imam Hussaina.s by way of their martyrdom. He said in Uttar Pradesh the Hussaini Brahmans not only installed Alam-e-Mubarak but organize Majalis and perform Khooni Matam (Self-flagellation) during mourning days.

Lastly Sri Poonam said he got surprised out of Six colleagues/Office bearers of Mushtaq Hussain @ Chotu no one tried to stop his derogatory hateful speech which hurt the feelings and sentiments of Hindu’s people instead of it, they appreciated his speech laughing and clapping for provoking the emotion of Shia Muslims against Hindus, in such circumstances the concerned Police department shall initiate legal action against Mushtaq Hussain @ Chotu and his collogues on the basis of Su-motto Action.

Majority of the Shia Community is in favor of Donation of Blood for the Sick and needy patients irrespective of cast, creed and religion in name of Imam Hussaina.s round the year excluding the days of Ayyam-e-Azza in which Azadars shed their blood by performing Khooni Matam (Self- flagellation), Khama Zani and Zanjeer Zani through which they pay their homage to Imam Hussaina.s his family members and companions who were martyred on the plains of Karbala. (Newslines)

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