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You’ll have to pay so much for ‘Free’ Jio Phone, Understanding nuances

In the Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries Limited, Mukesh Ambani has made several announcements. Meanwhile, the chairman of the company said that people will be shocked knowing the price of the live phone.
Mukesh Ambani said, ‘Geo phone for all Indians will be available with the effective price of 0 rupees’
After this he said, ‘This is for users and we know that free things can be misused. Geo phone offers should not be misused, so customers with Rs. These money will be refunded after returning the used live phone.
However, you can not get a refund within 10 days or a year. For this, you have to use Geo Phone for 36 months. After this, if you want, you can get it back and get Rs 1,500.Voice call free with live phoneVoice call will be free with live phone, but for running the internet, you have to recharge Rs 153. Mukesh Ambani said that voice calls will be always free with live phone, but its terms have not yet been announced. Because when Geo Sim was announced, it was said that calling will always be free. But if someone does not recharge for 3 months, then the call blocks.Mukesh Ambani said that the Geo Dhan Dhana Dhan Plan will be available only for the phone, with only 153 rupees per month. The special thing is that there is no Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for this. That is, one day will not have 2GB limit and nlimited data will be available.
However, some reports say that only 500MB of high speed data will be available every day.After that unlimited data will be available at low speed.
However, a 4G feature phone can not use more data in one day.
Geo phone content can also be viewed on TV
– Geo Phone users can view mobile content on any TV.
– This is specifically designed for the Geo Phone TV cable, which will be connectivity.
– With this accessory, users can take money money plan of Rs 309. Under this, users can watch videos 3-4 hours a day across the big screen.
Cheap data plan
There are also two cheap plans for the live phone.
– The first is 23 rupees, which will be valid for 2 days.
– The second plan is Rs 153, whose validity will be 7 days.

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