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Man Offers Tongue To God For Love Success

Mahabubnagar: A 23-year-old man on Thursday offered his tongue to God seeking blessings for success of his love in Wanaparthy.
According to police, Mallesh, a native of Duppala village in Chinna Chintakunta mandal of Wanaparthy is working as a car driver in a private company in Hyderabad. On Wednesday he came to his hometown and told his friends that he will offer his tongue to the local deity Kurumurthy. “Sacrificing my tongue will make the girl accept my proposal,” Mallesh reportedly told his friends.
His friends did not take him seriously. On Thursday Mallesh went to the temple and offered prayers and he then took a knife from his pocket and chopped off his tongue. People who saw the incident shifted him to a hospital.
Mallesh is in love with a girl and wanted to marry her. However, she did not visit him even after the incident.

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