Friday , September 30 2022

Mother and her sons convicted for raping her minor daughters

Mumbai july 11’After being sexually harassed for three years, two teenaged girls finally found some relief, as the special crime against children court convicted their brothers for raping them.

Their mother has also been declared guilty in the case, as she physically abused her daughters, when they disclosed the matter to her. The special court judge sentenced the younger brother for 10 years and the elder one for seven years. Their mother has been jailed for two years.

One of the sisters (16-year-old), in her statement to the court, said that it all started in the year 2014, when one day their parents had a fight and their 19-year-old brother took them to a different room to sleep. That night, he raped her. When she complained about this to one of her elder brothers, he beat up the accused.

 However, the elder brother died after a couple of months. Since then the 19-year-old has been sexually assaulting her. She also mentioned that her 11-year-old sister had complained that their eldest brother (21-year-old) used to rape her. The girl confessed the same in her statement to the court.

Once when the elder sister complained to her mother about the abuse they were facing, the woman beat her up and even inflicted burn marks. When one of their neighbours noticed the marks, she enquired about it.

On getting to know about the matter, she helped her file a complaint at the Wadala TT police station

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