Tuesday , September 27 2022


Hyderabad Aug 18 (Newlines):  According to Mr Mir Karrar Ali Razvi Muttawalli Ashoor Khana-e- Shahzadi Sakinas.a Bintul Hussaina.s situated at Hyder Nagar, Malkajgiri, Hyderabad salana Majlis which are scheduled on 19th Muharram 1444 Hijri corresponding to 18th August 2022 will be held on as usual.

Mr Karrar further explain that the  Anjumans/Gurohaan on 19th Muharram extend their tribute by performing Matam at the Ashoorkhana and their names and timings list is already posted on different WhatsApp groups as well as the concerned Anjumans/Gurohaan has been informed about the timings of their Matam.

It is not out of place to mentioned here that a list of the names of the Anjumans/Gurohaan which was made viral on Social Media on different groups by unauthorized persons was objected by Mr Syed Najaf Ali Shoukat President of Markazi Anjuman Matami Gurohaan Hyderabad T. S, Estd 1955 subsequently Registered in the year 1996 vide registered No 2529 of 1996, in the light of Order Passed by Hon’ble IIIrd Addl Chief Judge City Civil Court Hyderabad in I. A. No 158 of 2021 in O. OP. No 10 of 2021 filed by so called proclaimed Vice president Mushtaq Hussain @ Chotu which was dismissed by the honorable court.

Mr. Shoukat urged the authorities to restrict the use of name and logo by Self Styled so called and unlawful proclaimed persons being lawful President of Markazi Anjuman Matami Gurohaan Hyderabad T. S, Estd 1955 and recorded his objection/peaceful protest before the higher authorities of Police department as well as the Muttawalli Mir Karrar Ali Razvi of Ashoor Khana-e-Shahzaidi Sakinas.a Bintul Hussaina.s Hyder Nagar, Malkajgiri. In his conversation the Mutatawalli also disagree with the list of the names of the Anjumans/Gurohaan posted/viral on Social Media in different groups as they do not have any authority to declared the names and timing of the Anjumans/Gurohaan who pay their tribute and condolence by performing Matam on 19th Muharram at Ashoor Khana-e-Shahzadi Sakinas.a Bintul Hussaina.s at Hyder Nagar, Malkajgiri under the banner of Markazi Anjuman Matami Gurohaan.

Speaking to Newslines Mr Shoukat said that Markazi Anjuman Matami Grouhan led by him and its members are not against the performance of Matam by various Anjuman’s/Grouhan’s and display of the timings allotted to them by the Mutawalli, we are against the illegal and illegitimate use of the name of Markazi Anjuman Matami Grouhan (MAMG) and its logo on the posters, banners and social media and urged authorities to get the name of the Markazi Anjuman Matami Grouhan removed from them and further restrain the self-style Markazi Anjuman Matami Grouhan from using the name and logo.

The concerned Station House Officer who maintained Law & Order in his area asked the Muttawalli Mr Karrar to continue the last year list and timing, Mr Karrar has submitted the last year Anjumans/Gurohaan names and timing list which SHO acknowledged.(Newslines)

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