Friday , January 27 2023

IRGC warns Riyadh against anti-Iran media campaign


TEHRAN: The commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps warned Saudi Arabia about the price the kingdom will have to pay for sponsoring anti-Iranian media outlets.

In comments on the sidelines of a military exercise in northwest of Iran on Monday, Major General Hossein Salami took a swipe at Saudi Arabia for sponsoring certain media outlets that seek to mislead the Iranian youth.

Urging Riyadh to mind its manners and rein in the anti-Iranian media outlets, the commander warned that the consequences of Saudi Arabia’s actions will reflect upon itself.

He gave Saudi Arabia an ultimatum, cautioning the kingdom against interfering in Iran’s domestic affairs through those news media.

On the war game that the IRGC Ground Force has launched in northwestern Iran, Major General Salami reminded the neighbors that Iran sticks to the policy of friendship and fraternity as long as there is no plot hatched against it by the enemies.

“We are a brother of any country and power interacting with us correctly. We call on our neighbors to resolve their problems via interaction and non-military approaches. We have interests in this region, so if an incident takes place in any corner of the region, our interests will be threatened, then we won’t remain neutral and will defend our interests,” the general added.

Highlighting Iran’s principled policy of safeguarding its security, the IRGC chief said a change in the geography of the region is the Islamic Republic’s red line.

Denouncing the foothold that the Zionist regime has established in a number of countries in south, west and north of Iran, the general said, “Our neighbors may argue that such presence of Israelis poses no threat to our (Iran’s) security, but the nature of Israel is creating insecurity.”

“We advise the neighboring countries not to let Israel into Islamic territories because they (Zionists) seek to foment insecurity,” he added.

The IRGC launched a military exercise along the northwestern boundaries of Iran on Monday. The three-day war game, codenamed ‘Mighty Iran’, involves expert units of the IRGC Ground Force that would carry out combined operations including security and defense tactics. (Tasnim News)

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