Thursday , May 19 2022

EHSAS holds consultative meet on property rights, legal status of half-widows ‘Scholars spoke about the ways and means to find out solution’

Srinagar, : A day-long consultative meeting was organized wherein Ulema and civil society members held deliberations on legal status and property rights of Half Widow. The event was organized by EHSAS at a local hotel here.
During the meeting the Ulema from different school of thoughts participated and spoke about the ways and means to find out solution on the issues confronted by the half-widows.
The speakers stressed for making efforts and come up with a consensus over the issue and create awareness among masses about their property rights legal status. The victims present in the meeting narrated their ordeal and highlighted their plight faced from their in-laws over their property rights.
During the meeting the speakers stated that the half widows whose husbands have been missing since decades should get their rights under the ambit of Shariah.
“We must give in our efforts and involve more ulema and approach the families of in-laws in order to motivate them in doing justice to these victims,” the speakers said.
Suggestions for involving volunteer groups were also put forward during the meeting wherein the speakers said the move will help in resolving the issues faced by the victims of enforced disappearance.
“We have several examples wherein the victims of enforced disappearance are not aware of their rights and they are exploited by the in-laws by denying their property rights,” the speakers said. Meanwhile, the victims who were invited by the EHSAS group narrated their ordeal and shared their day to day suffering to make both ends meet

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