Monday , December 5 2022

Centre Will Only Purchase Raw Rice From Telangana, Says Kishan Reddy

Hyderabad;April 24;The Union Minister for Tourism G Kishan Reddy in a press conference said that the centre is ready to purchase raw rice till the last grain as per the agreement reached with the State Government. Earlier, the BJP leaders told the farmers to go for paddy plantation assuring that the centre would purchase every grain of paddy from the farmers.

A few days ago, KTR showed a video of Kishan Reddy and Bandi Sanjay claiming that the centre will purchase every grain of paddy from the farmers.
It is all known knowledge that the Telangana state government has been requesting the centre to buy parboiled rice but the centre is saying that it will only procure raw rice.

Of late, In a meeting, KTR said that “The Centre is trying to hoodwink people, especially farmers, of Telangana. On December 1, 2021, Union Minister G Kishan Reddy said that the Rabi crop, irrespective of whether it’s parboiled rice or raw rice, will be procured by the Centre through FCI like last several decades.”

KTR also said that the Telangana government tried to convince the farmers to go for commercial crops instead of paddy in Rabi season as the centre refused to procure it last year.

Kishan Reddy also stated that he will get the Global Centre for Traditional Medicine in Telangana. Now, Kishan Reddy maintained that the “United Nations” decided to establish the Centre in Gujarat because an Ayurvedic University already existed there. He has been criticising the Telangana government for delaying the approval of necessary land.

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