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InTter State Drug PeDddler Aressted;And Seized 164 Packets of Ganja

Hyderabad’Dec’26’2022 (PMI)  The sleuths of Commissioner’s Task Force, West Zone team apprehended (01) accused person near Zeba Bagh, Asif Nagar, Hyderabad. Who was illegally possession of Chocolates which contains Ganja and brought from Bihar State to sell the same to needy customers for Rs.20-50/- each chocolate and earns easy money in the limits of Asif Nagar.

Seized Property
1)Charminar Gold Munakka -62 Packets(Each packet has 40 Chocolates ) –
Weighing about 14Kgs,
2) Vijaya Vati- 61 packets (Each packet has 40 Chocolates)-
Weighing about 14Kgs,
3) RD Shiva Munakka-14 Packets(Each Packet has 40 Chocolates)-
Weighing about 03Kgs ,

Total Ganja contains Chocolates are 164 Packets and weighing about 31 Kgs.

Accused Details
Mohd Jafar Ur Haq S/o Late Mohd Khasim chowkedar, Age : 41yrs,Occ: selling Ganja chocolates, N/o: Bachharpur Village, Dumra Mandal, Sitamarhi District, Bihar state, India, R/O:H.No : 12-2-1/D/ 48, Zebabagh Near Mega Hotel, Asifnagar, Hyd..
The accused Mohd Jafar Ur Haq is native of Bachharpur Village, Dumra Mandal, Sitamarhi District, Bihar state, in the year of 2015, he came to Hyderabad and residing at Zeba bagh, near Mega Hotel, Asif Nagar , Hyderabad along with wife and four children. To eking his livelihood by working as a Maggam blouse works.
Modus operandi:-

Mohd Jafar Ur Haq to run his expenditure and family expenses and hatched a plan to brought the Chocolates which contains Ganja from Pupri town , Sitamarhi (D) Bihar State and started selling the same to Bihari’s and known persons to expend his Chocolate Ganja business selling to local people in Mahdipatnam, Hyderabad for Rs. 20-50 each and earn easy money. He used to visit Bihar state to purchase the Ganja Chocolates in every two months and sell the same in Hyderabad City.

On 26-12-2022 in the evening hours, Mohd Jafar Ur Haq try to selling the Ganja Chocolates to needy Customers at near Zeba Bagh, Asif Nagar, Hyderabad meanwhile Commissioner’s Task Force ,West Zone team apprehended him along with Ganja Chocolates. Further accused along with seized material handed over to SHO, Asif Nagar PS, Hyderabad for further investigation.

The arrest was made under the supervision of Sri P.Radha Kishan Rao, Dy.Commissioner of Police, Commissioner’s Task Force by Sri Md Khaleel Pasha, Inspector of Police, West Zone Task Force Team with the assistance of SI Sri Md.Mujaffar Ali and the staff of West Zone team, Commissioner’s Task Force, Hyderabad City.(Press media of india)

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