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Pawan to reveal his action plan by March 14, to contest 2019 polls in Telangana

Karimnagar,  “Andhra gave me birth, but Telangana gave me rebirth”, said Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan reminding that Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy saved him in the year 2009. He said he will announce his full-pledged action plan before March 14.

Addressing the meeting of three districts’ leaders of Jana Sena here on Tuesday, Pawan said he will be indebted to Telangana soil for life long. “My body thrills when I hear “Jai Telangana”, he said, adding that “Jai Telangana” slogan was like Vandematharam slogan.

The actor-turned politician said he was in direct politics since 2009. “I will announce my policy of adding castes and nationalism that should not neglect regionalism”, he said. “Enmity was small in front of love and he will not care the persons, who hate him. I love Telangana. I used Telangana accent and language in my films. I have the habit of respecting language and accent”, he added.

Stating that he will strive for the society, which protects the cultures, Pawan opined that nationalism should not turn into regionalism. Leaders of freedom struggle had announced India as a secular country though there was a chance to announce India as Hindu State, he said. “Politics should be irrespective of caste and religion. The power was confined to a few castes only. Social justice doesn’t mean giving tickets, but providing financial security to all castes. The fruits of development should reach all. Jana Sena party will not allow corruption”, he clarified.

Stating that all Congress leaders were his brothers, Pawan said Telangana State was a four-year old baby. There was a responsibility to all to protect Telangana and hence he was speaking carefully, Pawan said. Making it clear that he likes Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao a lot, Pawan said he likes the leaders who fight for the sake of people by continuing in politics.

“I felt bad for not inviting Andhra people to the recent World Telugu Conference. I think the Telangana government didn’t invite Andhras to show the strength of Telangana poets, writers and artistes. Special conditions prevailed in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. I will pursue politics with commitment. I will convey the problems of the people and solutions to the governments. I am ready to launch movements if the governments failed to solve the problems”, he said.

“Real development and corruption-free society will not be possible on a single day”, he said and gave a call to get ready for 25 year war. “I am with you. I will not go back if given a word. Jana Sena party will contest in Telangana in 2019 elections. The aspiration of Telangana women was the aspiration of Jana Sena party. Telangana youth have to stand beside me. I don’t need money. Peoples’ affection was stronger than any asset”, he explained.

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