Wednesday , October 5 2022

During playing of Cricket Match the Majority community youths attacked on Minority Youths at Darussalam.

Hyderabad : During a Criket matched   two groups indulged in fighting at Darussalam ground. The Majority community youths attacked on youths belongs to minority community. After over this incident the   Police come forward in action and posted Pickets.

According to the sources it is reported that an armed reserve police constable namely Suresh Kumar has parked his motorbike at the cricket ground where the youths were playing Cricket match.   The youths who were playing cricket objected to it. Then the constable Suresh Kumar assaulted youths and   Syed Parveez and Amer Khan, who are the resident of   Patel Nagar got injuries.  The concern Police shifted them to the hospital where they were treated as an outpatient and discharged. Tension prevailed in the area after the incident.

It is worthy to   mention that in the State Assembly Elections in Telangana   has to be announced for 2019 the atmosphere of the State is being disturbed before the Assembly Elections. In account of communal tension the   peaceful atmosphere of the Hyderabad   city is being disrupted.  According to BJP State President Dr Laxman that BJP will alone   contest the Assembly Election in Telangana State and they will not ally with any party, this will be decided mutually by the party leaders and workers. The BJP    is using all his efforts to get majority in coming Telanga State Election.

It is also raveled that the constable Suresh Kumar was drunk.  It is also reported that he deliberately created panic at Darussalam Ground when he was watching Cricket match due to which the incident took a communal turn. Suresh Kumar was also beaten by the local youths. On receiving this information, the friends of the constable reached Darussalam and attacked the youths. Some youths chased Suresh Kumar and his friends which resulted in pelting stones. The vehicles in the area were also got damaged.

The Police personnel   are analyzing the records of CCTV cameras. The Inspector of Police, Habeeb Nagar PS  Mr. P. Madhukar Swamy told that two complaints have been lodged from the parties and the investigation is in progress.

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