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SHE Teams Cyberabad is catering to the needs of increasing number of women who are coming forward to register complaints. The SHE Teams have been increased to eight teams in Cyberabad to cater to the needs of more number of women and children. Apart from this, SHE Teams keep a sharp eye on the miscreants causing nuisance in public places. The activities of SHE team, Cyberabad during second fortnight of September are as follows.
 Total 1,747 complaints were received from women victims through different means like whatsapp, email, Hawkeye, direct walkin etc. All complaints have been acted upon and disposed of on merits
Dial 100 Direct–walk-in Whats App HAWK Eye E-Mail Twitter Total
2018 04 180 1493 42 25 3 1747

 761 cases have been registered out of which 344 are criminal cases and 417 are petty cases. Year IPC and Nirbhaya Act ‘ IT Act” PD Act’ POCSO Act ‘ No. petty cases ; ( Eve-teasing) Total Cases ‘ 2018 320 8 0 16 417 761

 1731 decoy operations were conducted at various places such as bus stops, shopping malls, railway stations, tutorials, colleges, etc.
 384 awareness programs were conducted and 1,68,113 people were addressed.
 Total 25 Counselling sessions were held at Women Protection Cell, Cyberabad which were attended by respondents.
Age wise table of the accused/respondent, who were counselled.
Minors 19-24 25-35 36-50 50+ Total
41 213 185 93 14 546

The details of few important cases from 15-12-2018 to 31-12-2018 are as follows:

  1. 12 years old boy capturing videos of women in hostel:- On 16-12-2018 hours SHE team received a petition through Whatsapp and stating that from past 6 months, the complainant was staying in private women’s Hostel. One boy age: 12 yrs, who is residing besides her Hostel was capturing the images and videos of the inmates in his Tab, while they are bathing. One of the women in the Hostel noticed it and caught that boy with Tab red-handedly and it’s have 3000 + videos and pictures. On incident the complainant approached SHE Team and with the effort by SHE Team a case was registered against the accused in Madhapur PS. He was handed over to Madhapur PS by the SHE team and remanded to judicial custody
  2. Capturing videos and blackmailing the victim: – On 17-12-2018 hours SHE team received a petition through Whatsapp stating that the accused and the complainant both were staying together in the same building and started hostel business at Ayyappa Society, Madhapur. At that time the accused person captured video while she was bathing without her knowledge. Thereafter the accused person blackmailed and threatened her for sexual relation. The accused person sexually exploited her and took nude photos and videos. Thereafter they divided their business. Later the accused person blackmailed her to continue their relationship, if she did not agree he will post the photos and videos in social media. The complainant got worried and gave Rs.6,00,000/- to the accused. On 09.11.2018 the accused person sent her nude photos to her husband through Whatsapp. The accused threatened her with dire consequents to continue with him, otherwise he will see her end. The complainant was unable to bear the torture and approached SHE Team and with the effort by SHE Team a case was registered against the accused in Madhapur PS. He was handed over to Madhapur PS by the SHE team and remanded to judicial custody.
    Some important cases dealt by the SHE team Cyberabad during the year 2018.
  3. Sexual harassment and extortion through Facebook:
    SHE Team received a petition through whatsapp from a victim of Moosapet stating that a year ago the accused sent a friend request through face-book to her, and she accepted it. They chat in Facebook for some time and he asked her mobile number and they talked over mobile through video chatting also. One day he requested her to meet him, after she met him, he took some photos and started blackmailing her that he has her pictures and videos and he will post them in social media. She requested him to delete the pictures, but he demanded Rs. 10 thousand or he wanted physical contact. He is messaging and calling her continually and harassing her mentally asking to give money setting a deadline. Unable to bear the torture, she approached SHE team. SHE Team conducted decoy operation and nabbed him and case was registered and the accused was arrested and remanded on the same day.
  4. Case of stalking minor girl by a refrigerator mechanic:
    SHE team received a complaint from a person of Kukatpally, stating that about one week back his refrigerator required repair and he booked online for repair through his granddaughter’s mobile number. A mechanic came to the complainant’s house and while repairing he misbehaved with the complainant’s granddaughter who is a minor girl. Later he made calls to her continuously and harassed her mentally. Based on complaint a case was registered against the accused and he was arrested and remanded to judicial custody.
  5. Case of cheating a widow in the name of marriage: A woman from Khajaguda approached the SHE Team personally. She stated that she is a widow and has two children. The accused is her colleague in a software company and he intentionally cheated the complainant by telling her that he will marry her and took Rs.7,50,000/- from her on different occasions giving false reasons for his need for money. The complainant was shocked to know that he married another woman without her knowledge. After his marriage, he is forcing her to continue her relation with him and sending whatsapp messages demanding continuation of relation with him. He created a fake email account in the name of complainant and sent vulgar messages to his wife in her name and harassing her through fake emails. She approached She Teams and case was registered against the accused in Narsingi PS, he was arrested and remanded.
    Most of the women victims have sent messages to Whatsapp and appreciated the good work done by SHE TEAMS. Cyberabad SHE Teams request all the women suffering from teasing, stalking or any other atrocity to approach the SHE teams by sending Whatsapp messages to the mobile No.9490617444 or can directly call the respective SHE teams (Balanagar-9490617349, IT Corridor 9490617352, Madhapur 8333993519, Kukatpally-8332981120, Miyapur-9491051421, Pet-Basheerabad-7901114137, Rajendranagar-7901114140 and Shamshabad-9490617354) or Dial 100 or send e-mail to or on Facebook ID sheteam.cyberabad.

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