Sunday , April 2 2023

If loud speakers and band are used during the night, the activities will not be missed: Warangal C P AV Ranganath

If they use loudspeakers, instruments (band) without following the time rule, they will be prosecuted

Warangal’Feb 13;2023(PMI)Warangal Police Commissioner warned that action will be taken. In the Warangal Commissionerate area, the police received a large number of complaints about the use of loudspeakers by a few individuals and organizations without following the time regime, so the Police Commissioner focused on the use of loudspeakers that do not follow the time schedule keeping in mind the health of the elderly and the sick as well as the examinations of the students. As a part of this, individuals and organizations should not use loudspeakers before six o’clock in the morning or after ten o’clock in the night, especially during auspicious activities at home and in other cases, DJs, instruments (bands), crackers are fired at night, as well as old people, sick people, etc. It is not appropriate to cause trouble to the students and common people.. Legal action will be taken against anyone who commits such acts, and also if any person plays loud instruments (band) played by DJ, bursts crackers and causes trouble to people, dial 100 number by giving phone information to the local police. Appropriate action will be taken against them. Warangal Police Commissioner advised the public to take action against the concerned officer and send a short message to Warangal Police Commissioner No. 8712685100.(Press media of india)

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