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Hyderabad’Oct 20 2022-(PMI) The Commissioner’s Task Force, South Zone Team, Hyderabad along with CDPS (Child Development Project) Officers And Dabeerpura Police jointly conducted raid onAnsari Dairy Farm,situated at New Road, Chanchalgudaand sized huge quantity of Balamrutham Nutrition food (130 Packets) –Total worth of material is Rs 02 Lakhs.
Details of the accused:
Ansari Mohd Khan,age: 50 yrs, (Owner of the Ansari Dairy Farm),R/o New Road Chanchalguda, Hyderabad.
Seized Material:130 bags of Balamrutham
The “Balamrutham” is the weaning food introduced under ICDS to provide improved supplementary nutrition to the children between 6 months to 3 years. The weaning food is a preparation of wheat, ChanaDal, Milk powder, oil and sugar. It is fortified and thus provides 50% of iron, calcium, vitamins and other RDA that children require per day.TheBalamrutham is distributed in packets of 2.5 Kg per child per month through Anganwadi Schools.
Brief facts :
,Dy commissinor of police South Zone, Task Force Chakravarthy Gummi said Today on credible information the Commissioners Task Force South Zone Team along with Child Development Officer and Dabeerpura police raided one Dairy Farm name and styled as “Ansari Dairy Farm”located at new Road Chanchalguda, Hyderabad and found huge quantity of Balamruthamnutrition powder bags and packets. Balamruthamis supplies by the Government of Telanganato the children aged between six months to three years throughAnganwadi schools in Telangana state. Butthe above said accused Ansari Mohd. Khan, Owner of Ansari Dairy Farm is collecting the BalamruthamNutrition Powder packets illegally from various Anganwadi Schools and using it to the cows/buffalos as feeding in his dairy farm.
The apprehended accused and seized Balamrutham pockets handed over to SHO Dabeerpura PS for further investigation.
The above arrests were made by Sri. S. Raghavendra, Inspector of Police, South Zone and SIs S/Sri N. Srishylam,V. Narender, Shaik Buran , K Narsimulu& Staff of South Zone Task Force, Hyderabad City along with CDPS (Child Development Project Officers) and DabeerpuraPolice, Hyderabad.(Press media of india)

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