Sunday , November 27 2022

‘Get out from Australia’; Aussies started bashing foreigners


By SJA Jafri + Bureau Report

MELBOURNE: Another news of Press Media of India (PMI) has been found hundred percent correct with day, time place and characters as flashed earlier like dozens other proofed during last thirty years but neither the local nor national or any other LEA even public or private official, person, department even ruling politician or opposition member comment against racism as per their habit, mindset, routine, biasedness and nature, sources confirmed.

According to details taken by the victims’ family friends in Australia as well as India, a traumatized family has been bashed and told to “get out of the country” in an alleged racist attack at the car park of a Melbourne hotel.

Victim Lynn Balm, 54, was allegedly beaten so badly, he had to spend Saturday night in hospital, after being allegedly punched and kicked to the ground outside the Lynbrook Hotel.

“They scuffed me on the ground and started punching me, kicking me on my ribs,” he told media through tears.

The attackers first targeted his brother and sister-in-law, prompting Balm to step in to protect them.

Victim Jacqueline Prakasham said she was getting out of the car when the alleged racist abuse was hurled at her.

“Straight away he said: ‘you f—— Indians, you f—— Indians get out.'”

Balm alleged the attackers said: “Get out of this country, you don’t belong in this country.”

“My sister-in-law, poor thing – she’d been hit and pushed. That’s why I came to pull him out from her.”

There are hopes security cameras at the hotel filmed at least part of the altercation but when journalist approached management, they declined to comment on the incident.

The family’s message to their attackers is “we are all one” and race does not matter.

“We don’t want any harm to come to you … but, learn a lesson, treat everyone equally,” Mrs Prakasham said.

Police are speaking to a 29-year-old man in relation to the attack.

Victims and sources are still firmed that the indications, cautions, alarms, hints and claims have been zooming by PMI and Messenger have not only been proofed hundred percent true and accurate but now it seems that the contents of remaining news would have also found perfect.

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