Friday , March 24 2023

All party meeting called by EC underway in New Delhi to discuss, demonstrate Remote Voting Machine

New Delhi’Jan’16 23–The meeting called by the Election Commission to discuss and demonstrate the Remote Voting Machine is underway in New Delhi.

Presidents, chairpersons and General Secretaries of all National and State parties, including technical expert committee members, are present in the meeting.

The poll body has proposed the introduction of ‘remote voting’ for domestic migrants, using a multi-constituency electronic voting machine that will retain all security features of the EVMs currently in use. This modified form of EVM can handle up to 72 multiple constituencies from a single remote polling booth.

The initiative, if implemented, can lead to a social transformation for the migrants.

EC has also solicited written views of recognised political parties by 31st of January on various related issues including changes required in legislation, changes in administrative procedures and voting method, if any other, for domestic migrants.

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