Tuesday , February 7 2023

Who will be the next Telangana DGP?

Hyderabad ;: There is a buzz in the top police echelons of Telangana about who will succeed M Mahender Reddy as the Director General of Police (DGP)? Reddy is retiring on December 31, 2022. Speculation is rife that Anjani Kumar, Ravi Gupta, and CV Anand are the front-runners for the post of top cop.
Special Protection Force DG Umesh Sharaf (IPS: 1989: TG) is the senior-most but he has only six months of service left so he is unlikely to be considered. ACB Director General Anjani Kumar (IPS: 1991: TG) and Principal Secretary of Home Department Ravi Gupta (IPS: 1991: TG) are in the reckoning. Hyderabad City Police Commissioner CV Anand (IPS: 1991: TG) and Rajiv Ratan (IPS: 1991: TG) are in additional director general (ADG) rank. Both these officers are likely to get DG rank promotion in the first week of December.
Taking all these into consideration, the State government is likely to send the names of Umesh Sharaf, Ravi Gupta, Anjani Kumar, Rajiv Rathan and CV Anand to the UPSC in the first or second week of December. The race is likely to be between Anjani Kumar and CV Anand, who are said to enjoy the confidence of the powers that be, though Ravi Gupta cannot be ruled out.

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