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‘USA, UK, Australia, Israel, France declare true terrorists’

‘USA, UK, Australia, Israel, France declare true terrorists’


By Syed Jaffer Abbas Jafri (SJA Jafri)

KARACHI/ LONDON/ NEW YORK/ JERUSALEM/ PARIS: Not only hundreds of impartial intellectuals, unbiased experts and neutral analysts but also thousands of human rights individuals, groups and organizations and millions of wounded of discriminations, racism and extremism especially victims of “Anti-Shia Terrorists” have declared the United States of America (USA), Australia, United Kingdom (UK), Israel, France, Netherlands, Germany and Canada as world’s worst inhuman, uncivilized, uncultured, immature, uneducated, illiterate, non-professional, incompetent, backward, abnormal, racist, extremist, terrorist, anti-Islamic, biased and ‘hypocritical masked’ countries that do not know that where they should live, how to deal others, what and how should eat, what are the manners of life, what is cast, create, religion, culture, consciousness, why they born, and what are their responsibilities even how and where they should do potty in this ‘global village’, sources told Press Media of India (PMI).

Sources further revealed that the said countries those declare themselves that they are the human rights champions and rightly deserve for appreciations because of their well-awareness, ultra-modernism, high-education, unique-skills, elite-expertise, social-development, planned-infrastructure, civic-sense, elevated-independence and sexual-freeness over other countries and nations and rest of the world is not only backward but also very week and poor and they help them while the reality is not only totally against the reality but also vice-versa of their so-called and self-declared claims as the PMI and one of the world’s most credible Karachi-based Pakistani English dailies “Messenger” have already been revealing, exposing, reporting, highlighting, publishing and on-airing these facts along with unobjectionable grounds and evidences during the period of last thirty years which is not only being acknowledged, accepted, referred, weighted and considered since last three years but also evaluated and discussed as required.

According to the details received by sources closed to United Nations Organizations (UNO), the UNO introduced a bill that called for global action against racism and discrimination but America, Israel, France, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Netherlands and Canada refused the said bill which clearly a proof that neither theses countries consider any racism or discrimination nor believe in moral, ethical, religious, cultural and gender values, they only consider that they are something while the rest are nothing and they are firmed that Muslims are terrorists and their religion creates panic and problems for them while they themselves are not only the real and genuine criminals but also they are the real ‘anti-Shia and anti-Islamic Terrorists, White Supremacists and Biased Extremists’.

The bill counts 106 countries voted ‘Yes’, 14 choose ‘No’, 44 remained ‘Abstention’ and 29 were ‘Non-Voting’ out of total 193.

USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Israel, France, Germany, Netherlands and major European counties voted ‘No’ while the rest of Europe remained abstained and these are the countries constantly calling out other countries on human rights and freedom.

This is the real world we live in.

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