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Those who touch Congress MLAs  will change like crow: CM Revanth Reddy 

Mahabubnagar, April 19 (PMI): Responding to the remarks made by former chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao who said in a  public meeting at Sangareddy that 20 Congress MLAs are in touch with him and they are ready to join the BRS, Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy has dared the BRS chief to touch his party MLAs.

            ” I am a high tension wire. Revanth Reddy is guarding here. I am challenging KCR to come and touch. Those who touch here will reduce to ashes like crow ” the Chief Minister said.

            Addressing a corner meeting after participating in a rally of Congress MP candidate Vamshi Chand Reddy at Mahabubnagar town on Friday, Revanth Reddy lambasted the BRS president for threatening the Congress government and said that KCR was not at all a credible person during his entire political life.

            “The people of Mahabubabad had elected KCR as an MP and sent him to speak the problems of the district in the Parliament, but he did nothing. Moreover, as the Chief Minister of Telangana, he made a lot of injustice to the district and couldn’t complete any irrigation project,” Revanth Reddy said.

            The Chief Minister also criticised BJP MP candidate DK Aruna for failing to bring funds from the union government for the development of Mahabubnagar district  and asked the BJP leader why the national status was not sanctioned to the Palamuru-Rangareddy irrigation project during the last ten years.

            “Even if DK Aruna wins, there will be no use for the  district. Why the people should cast vote for BJP and BRS parties who have done nothing for ten years. Only Congress party protects the interests of the district and works for the welfare of people,” Revanth Reddy said. (PMI)

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