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This is the latest CBI shock for IAS Srilakshmi

Hyderabad’Feb 20’2023-It is known that IAS officer Sreelakshmi was previously arrested in the Obulapuram mining case and served a year in jail. Charges have been filed against Srilakshmi for accepting donations from that company. Srilakshmi, who served as the Principal Secretary of the Andhra Pradesh Mining Department between 2004-2009, has been accused of abuse of power. A case was registered against Srilakshmi after it was alleged that she was involved in obtaining mining leases and received huge sums of money for the same

In this order, the CBI officials who investigated the allegations arrested Srilakshmi and sent her to jail. After that Srilakshmi was released on bail. And in the background of the subsequent developments, Jagan became the CM of AP and her transfer from Telangana to AP was done smoothly. The Telangana High Court later acquitted Srilakshmi and dismissed the charges against her. The High Court was of the opinion that the charges were not substantiated and removed her name from the case.

However, the CBI officials challenged the High Court verdict in the Supreme Court. The CBI has filed a petition in the Supreme Court not to remove Srilakshmi’s name from this case. The petition stated that Srilakshmi had a role in the allotment of those mines. She said that she should be investigated in this case. With this, it has become interesting how the Supreme Court will respond to this petition. In any case, it can be said that Srilakshmi, who got relief from that case and stood in the APCS race….CBI officials recently shocked Jagan who wanted to clear the debt by making her CS.

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