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Religious leaders are outraged by a Saudi decision to ban loudspeakers in mosques during Ramadan

Mosque loudspeakers will be banned during Ramadan

Riyad;Mar 12;2023-Loudspeaker ban in mosques in Saudi Arabia: Ramzan starts from March 22. Muslims all over the world are celebrating this festival very critically. During this, the voice of Azan will be heard from the mosques but now it will not happen in Saudi Arabia. New guidelines have been issued regarding the use of loudspeakers in mosques in Saudi Arabia. According to these rules, loudspeakers will be completely banned in Saudi Arabia. Also, Azaan will not be broadcasted live. Following this decision by the Saudi government, Muslim religious leaders around the world were outraged and protested against the decision.

Muslim clerics are furious

All India Muslim Jamaat’s Maulana Shahabuddin Razvi Barelvi, who has objected to this, said the decision was illegal. He said that wherever loudspeaker is used, it should not be stopped and where loudspeaker is not used it is not required. Citing India as an example, Maulana Rizvi said loudspeakers have been used in mosques in India since independence. There is no such restriction in India. Saudi should reverse its decision.

Banned these things

Loudspeakers have been reduced in the past after a High Court order in India, but there is no ban on loudspeakers, he said. The world has been outraged by the Saudi decision and has been asked to reverse the decision. Please be advised that these guidelines are issued keeping in mind Ramadan. It has been reported that loudspeakers will be banned. No photography. Also, iftar will not be held in mosques. Collection of donations for Iftar is also banned. Apart from this, it is also prohibited to take children to mosques during Azaan.

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