Saturday , June 22 2024


Hyderabad April 12 (PMI): Smt Pravallika Doshi w/o Sri Prem who approached Uppal Police for help to go to hospital as she was 9 months pregnant and there was no possibility of commuting for checkups during the lockdown. Observing her state, the Uppal PS tried to call 108 but it was not readily available. Quickly they then called the ‘alyte’ service of Mahindra launched just a few days ago to serve the public in emergency. Though as a condition, the service was not meant for a medical emergency, the lady being in contractions, she was offered the service and shifted to C. C. Shroff Hospital, Kachiguda.

Today she tweeted again to Sri KTR expressing her gratitude for taking her to hospital in time by Rachakonda Police. She had thanked Commissioner of Police Rachakonda Sri Mahesh Bhagwat (IPS) for extended help by him and Police Department to reach to Hospital on time and she was blessed baby girls during the Lockdown.

Sri Mahesh Bhagwat IPS, CP Rachakonda wished the baby girls and Smt Pravallika good health and true to the motto ‘with you, for you’, stated that Rachakonda Police always stands by its citizens even if it is beyond the call of duty. Sri Mahesh Bhagwat also thanked Mahindra ‘alyte’ services for offering their service in a medical emergency though not bound by agreement which truly showcases the spirit of humanity in times of distress. He also appreciated Sri Kesava driver of TS05UA7638 who carefully drove the lady to hospital and the police officers of Uppal PS who promptly reached out to alyte services.

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