Thursday , April 25 2024

police Madhapur  bust car theft gang, recover expensive vehicles worth Rs 1 Crore

HYDERABAD’ 3′ April 2024: Madhapur police arrested four individuals on Wednesday and recovered expensive vehicles worth Rs 1 crore from their possession. According to Madhapur police, the main accused, Harish Kundarapu (referred to as A1), booked cars online using a specific mobile number. He then dispatched his associates, Madella Abhishek (A2) and Eluri Prem Kumar (A4), to the company with instructions to submit their address proofs, such as Aadhaar and driving licenses, to acquire the cars.
Abhishek and Prem Kumar, known associates of Harish, facilitated the acquisition of vehicles from Long Drive Cars. Following Harish’s instructions, they secured the vehicles and delivered them to him and received commissions ranging from Rs 35,000 to Rs 50,000 in return. Subsequently, Harish Kundarapu transported the cars to Adilabad and mortgaged them to unidentified individuals, citing urgent financial needs. When these individuals demanded the original vehicle documents, Harish assured them that he would furnish them later, despite not having possession of them at the moment. Through this deception, he successfully persuaded them to part with amounts ranging from Rs 4,00,000 to Rs 5,00,000, enabling him to lead a luxurious lifestyle with the acquired funds.

For instance, under Harish Kundarapu’s instructions, Abhishek took a Hyundai Creta car (Registration No: TS 07 GP 6026) from Madhapur Long Drive Cars using his ID proof, which he did not return. Again, on March 29, Abhishek visited Madhapur Long Drive Cars with booking ID: 554666 to acquire a Mahindra THAR car, for which Harish transferred Rs 25,030 to Abhishek. The same amount was then transferred to the Madhapur Long Drive Cars branch. However, upon suspicion, the management checked their records and discovered that five vehicles had been rented using the same ID proof of Abhishek. A case was registered under sections 406 and 420 of the IPC at Madhapur police station, Cyberabad. The police seized five vehicles, including two Mahindra THARs, a Maruti Ertiga, an EcoSport, and a Hyundai Creta, from the accused.

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