Saturday , June 22 2024

PM Modi flays Congress in Warangal, says NDA will clinch Victory

Warangal; 08 May 2024 ( PMI ): Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed confidence in the NDA’s electoral prospects, asserting that the alliance’s success was evident in the initial phases of polling. Emphasizing the historical significance of Warangal, he highlighted the region’s proud legacy, including its representation in past parliamentary victories. Prime Minister Modi invoked symbols of local heritage by referencing Bhadrakali and Ramappa Shiva, emblematic of the Orugallu people’s heritage and Kakatiya triumphs. He underscored the importance of securing a bright future for upcoming generations, urging support for the BJP to continue leading the country towards progress and prosperity. Critiquing the Congress and its past governance, Prime Minister Modi lambasted the opposition party for alleged misdeeds and scandals, cautioning against entrusting the nation’s governance to those with dubious track records. He criticized the Congress for purportedly making false promises and undermining the values of Sanatana Dharma, accusing them of neglecting the welfare of marginalized communities in favor of political expediency. Addressing concerns over governance in Telangana, Prime Minister Modi decried the rise in power cuts and financial irregularities, alleging corruption and malfeasance within the Congress ranks. He condemned the Congress for its perceived disregard for constitutional principles and equitable representation, accusing the party of prioritizing political gains over the interests of the broader populace. ( PMI )

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