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Pawn Kalyan turns out to be Political ‘Power’ Star

Vijayawada, June 4 ( Zahid hussain-PMI): “Sometimes it may be too late to come, but it’s okay to come,” said Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan. He came into politics very quickly. But for 10 years, he fought a war in the political arena to be called president. His opponents know his power and ability. That’s why they wanted to demolish Pawan like a tree that wanted to stand as a shadow for the poor.

He wanted to cut his heart into pieces with personal criticism. He was attacked with the words of an adopted son. From the chief minister to the ministers, everyone wanted to inflict mental injuries on him. But in front of Pawan’s steely will, they were all shattered. It was the people who won him. Pawan Kalyan entered the political arena alone. With the popularity of the people, they are going to take the lead to write a new history on the political landscape of today’s Andhra Pradesh. After 10 years of living an ‘incognito’ life without any power, Pawan is now going to enter the Assembly as JSP president.

Left a luxurious life: Producers stand in front of his  house holding money with suitcases. Luxurious life, Foreign trips, None of these  has satisfied Pawan Kalyan. ‘Anything should be done for those who adore and admire him’. He felt that the public sector was the right platform for him. Entering politics means riding on a tiger. He saw it from close quarters. He knew that it was a long political journey for him. He also knew  what would  happen if he directly entered  the political arena. That is why he supported TDP chief Chandrababu with the intention of becoming an experienced ruler of the newly formed Andhra Pradesh. He continued his friendship with the NDA.

Lost both the seats : Five years of whirl winding. There are no permanent enemies and permanent friends in politics. Pawan Kalyan, who had supported the TDP in 2014, distanced himself from it  in 2019 due to ideological differences. In that election, the Left parties fought together with the BSP. He knows that the two (TDP and YSRCP) parties are strong forces that are going to clash with him. But, he  moved forward with the initiative. The result was a win in only one seat. He lost both the assembly seats he contested. Another politician would have slowly looked to get rid of the party. But Pawan Kalyan stood there . Along with him, the party rank and file did not lose heart. Swallowing up defeat, he  moved forward patiently. With ten years of relentless fasting: Generally, losing an election gives any political leader a certain degree of detachment. However, Pawan has made sure that the Jana Sena party  workers are constantly in the public domain. For almost a year, he did not face much criticism, demonstrating the political wisdom that it was not right to immediately attack the YSRCP, which won with a huge majority as per the will of the people. Slowly, the YSRCP, which was intoxicated with power, began to undermine the systems. With this, Janasena itself  stepped into the field and started exposing the suppression of the YSRCP government in the public domain. Pawan  became extraordinary among the common people.

Pawan Kalyan played a key role in the formation of alliance  of the TDP, Jana Sena and BJP in this election. From the very beginning, while staying with the BJP, which is in power at the Centre, he started preparing his party rank and file by telling them on several platforms that they should contest together to avoid a split in the anti-incumbency vote in the state. (PMI)

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