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By Syed Hussain Ali Sajjad

Hyderabad Feb 18:  The procession of Safar-e-Imam Hussaina.s (Juloos-e- Amari)  is commemorated from the evening of 27th Rajjab-ul-Muraijib where two processions are taken out one on 27th Rajjab-ul-Muraijib and second on 28th Rajjab-ul-Muraijib. Safar-e-Imam Hussaina.s (Juloos-e- Amari) is the journey of Imam Hussain from Madina-e-Munawwara towards Karbala which started on 28th Rajjab-ul-Muraijib 60 Hijri and reached Karbala on 2nd Muharram 61 Hijri. Imam Hussaina.s and his companions were martyred in Karbala on 10th Muharram in 61 Hijri while the women, children, and Imam Zain ul Abideena.s were taken captive after martyrdom Imam Hussaina.s. Safar-e-Imam Hussainas this year is falling on 28th Rajjab-ul-Muraijib 1444(H) corresponding to 20th February 2023.

Nearly more than four decades ago Anjuman-e-Parwana-e-Hasnaina.s laid foundation of Safar-e-Imam Hussaina.s procession (Juloos-e- Amari) in Hyderabad which is taken out every year in the early hours of 28th Rajjab-ul-Muraijib from Ashoorkhan-e-Hasnain, Noor Khan Bazar, Hyderabad and culminate at Ibadath Khan-e-Hussaini, Dar-ul-shifa and attended by large number of Mourners (momineen wo momeinaat  Azadaran-e-Imam Hussaina.s) who maintained dignity and grandeur of Juloos-e-safar-e-Imam Hussaina.s by attending procession”. The mourners of Imam Hussaina.s do not prefer to sit in their houses until and unless the Procession (Juloos-e-Safar-e-Imam Hussaina.s) reached Ibadat Khana-e-Hussaini and perform Majlis-e-Aza Safar-e-Imam Hussaina.s to pay homage to Hazrat-e-Fatemat-uz-Zehras.a. The Momineen wo Mominaat (Azadaran-e- Hussaina.s prefer to participate in Juloos-e- Amari by way of walking instead of sitting in their houses till Juloos-e- Amari reached Ibadat Khana-e- Hussaini.

The mourners of  Imam Hussaina.s attending or participating Majlis-e-Aza O Juloos-e-Safar-e_Imaam Hussainas walk along with the procession till Ibadat Khan-e-Hussain, Dar-ul-shifa but we hardly see any prominent scholars (Olema Zakireen and Khutaba) walking or leading the procession. It will be highly appreciable if we can see Olama, Zakireen and Khutaba joining the mourners and walking along the processions which gives out a message to everyone rest out there that we have our prominent personalities of scholars participating in processions to led community on every grounds and aspects and not just attend Majlis-e-Aza at the time of addressing the gatherings of mourners.

All the mourners attending the procession performs individual prayers (furadah) Namaz-e-Fajr at Ashhorkhana-e-Hasnain then the Juloos-e-Safar-e-Imam Hussaina.s starts, it will be better if Moulana Syed Nisar Hussain @ Hyder Aga led the Namaz-e-Fajr at Ashoor Khana-e-Hasnain as the mourners who participate in the procession can get the reward of congregational prayer, and come forward to join the Juloos-e-Safar-e-Imam Hussaina.s with the mourners of Imam Hussainas and walk till Ibadat Khana-e-Hussaini just like Late Zakir-e-Fatah-e-Furat Syed Abbas Hussain @ Baqar Aga Qibla Sahab Hussain Aga who used to walk with the juloos till it reached  Ibadath Khan-e-Hussaini at Dar-ul-shifa.

Another Juloos-e-Safra-e- Imam Hussaina.s  is being taken out from Hussaini Mohalla (earlier from Ali Nagar Colony) on 27th Rajab-ul- Muraijib after evening prayers (Namaz-e-Maghrabain) this year 27th Rajjab is falling on 19th Feb 2023 . Moulana Akhter Zaidi Saheb Qibla used to address the Majlis-e-Aza at Ali Nagar Colony and at the culmination point Alawa-e-Sartauq Mubarak Late Abbas Razvi Qibla had addressed the Majils-e-Aza. Presently Moulana Syed Hyder Zaidi Saheb Qibla is addressing the Majlis (

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