Wednesday , October 5 2022


Hyderabad, Dec.30 (PMI): While the number of Road accidents reduced  by three per cent (from 22,811 in 2016 to 22,484 in 2017 and to 20,325 in 2018 (upto November), the compounding fee collected from  the offenders rose by 92 per cent (from Rs. 124crore in 2016 to 190 crore in 2017 and to 235.59 crore in 2018), says   the annual report released by the Road Safety Authority, Telangana State.

       There was a reduction of deaths by 10 per cent, from 7,219 in 2016 to 6,596 in 2017 and to 5,985 in 2018, while there was a reduction of two percent in the number of injured, from 24,217 in 2016, to 23,990 in 2017 and to 21,818 in 2018. There was an increase of 32 per cent in the number of M V Act cases, from 71,07,173 in 2016 to 84,83,509 in 2017 to 93,92,343 in 2018.

       The compounding fee collected from two-wheelers  for not wearing helmets rose to Rs.56,35,64,077 during 2018 (up to November), from Rs.31,27,10,300 during 2017. The next highest amount collected during 2018, was for over speeding – Rs.38,45,27,801, as against Rs.37,56,31,548 during 2017.  The compounding fee collected for wrong parking of vehicles on Highways and other roads amounted to Rs.14,46,04,255 during 2018, as against Rs.8,51,09,665 during the previous year.  The fee collected for drunken driving accounted for Rs.7,27,85,885 in 2018, as against Rs.2,26,84,288 during the previous year.

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