Monday , May 23 2022

Mixed reaction to Diggi ouster in Telangana party

Hyderabad, The AICC has given a shock treatment to AICC general secretary and in-charge of Telangana Congress Party Affairs Digvijaya Singh by removing him from the post.

Curiously, the Party high command appointed AICC secretary and Digvijaya Singh’s lieutenant and second in-charge of Telangana Congress Party as full-time in-charge of Telangana Affairs today. The AICC also filled RC Kuntia’s place with AICC secretary Satish Jarkiholi.

Meanwhile, some of the Congress leaders in Telangana were happy and some were not happy with the removal of Digvijay Singh. Several Congress leaders were not happy with the working style of Digvijay Singh and were openly criticised Digvijay Singh’s style of working style. But there were some leaders in the party who were happy at the Digvijay Singh’s ‘touch me not’ style of working.

On the other hand, it is leant that many leaders were not happy with the appointment of RC Kuntia as fulltime in-charge of party affairs. Several Congress leaders, it is leant, expressed their unhappiness over RC Kuntia’s working style. Several times, Congress leaders shared their unhappiness over RC Kuntia, who used to come to the Telangana state time and again whenever he goes to his native place Odisha. The Telangana Congress leaders have privately said that Kuntia comes whenever he goes to Odisha without any reason to stay in Hyderabad. Some leaders after knowing the appointment of Kuntia expressed their unhappiness saying that ‘we are happy with the removal of Digvijay Singh and at the same time we not happy with the appointment of RC Kuntia in that place’.

The Telangana Congress leaders were expressed their ire at Digvijay as his working style harming the party in a big way and secretly they lodged a complaint with the AICC against Digvijay Singh. It is learnt that the AICC took a decision after receiving complaints not only from Telangana state but also from Goa a

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