Saturday , June 22 2024

Hema, Ashi Roy get summons: Bengaluru rave party probe

Bengaluru’25 May 24: Tollywood actresses Hema and Ashi Roy have been issued notices to appear before the authorities for questioning in connection with the rave party busted by the Central Crime Branch of Bengaluru police last Sunday. Apart from them, notices have also been served to Arun Chowdary, Chiranjeevi, Kranthi, Rajasekhar, Sujatha, Rishi Chowdary, Prasanna, and Shivani Jaiswal.

The Crime Branch has asked all of them to present themselves at their office on May 27. During the interrogation, they will be questioned about who supplied them with drugs and if they had any other connections to individuals involved in the drug trade. The Bengaluru police have already apprehended five people linked to the rave party.

Officials from the Central Crime Branch have already announced that medical tests revealed 86 people had consumed drugs at a rave party in Bengaluru.The blood samples of 59 men tested positive for drugs while the blood samples of 27 women tested positive.

Around 106 individuals were detained by the police after they raided the rave party held at a farmhouse on the outskirts of Bengaluru. Notices have also been issued to all of these individuals.

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