Wednesday , November 29 2023


Hyderabad Mar 12 (Ali Abbas’ press media of india):  DCP South Zone, P. Sai Chaitanya (IPS) along with Mr Syed Najaf Ali Shoukat prominent personalty of Shia Community and Senior Journalist visited Alawa-e-Bibis.a and inquired about history of historical Alam-e-Mubarak Bibi (s.a) to which  Misbahuddin Asif, Razi-uddin kashef and Zaki-uddin Haatif explained the details of Alam-e-Mubarak Bibi (s.a), and it was informed  to him that Mujawer of Alawa-e- Bibis.a is Mr Hasanuddin Aijaz (who was not present). On this event Mr Syed Najaf Ali Shoukat explained the details of taken out (Bar amdagiye) Alam-e-Mubarak Bibi (s.a)  on the day of Ashoora (10th of Muharram of every Islamic calendar month) and showed photos to DCP South Zone Sri P. Sai Chaitanya (IPS).

Mr Najaf Ali Shoukat explained to DCP South Zone how the Azadari was promoted during the times of Qutub Shahi dynasty and Mir Osman Alikhan the 7th ruler & Nizam of Asif Jahi dynasty by building Ashoorkhana jaat for performing Azadari. After he visited  Alawa-e-Sartauq Mubarak where the history of Ashoorkhana and Alam- e- Mubarak was briefed by son of Mujawer Alaw-e-Sartooq Mubarak Mir Asad Ali.

Sri P. Sai Chaitany (IPS) DCP South Zone visited the most famous Bargah-e-Hazrat-e-Abul Fazlil Abbasa.s  situated at Dewan Dewdi, Chatta Bazar where Mutawwali Mr Hyder Moosvi and Raza Moosvi met with DCP South Zone. Mr Shoukat explained the history of holy Bargah with  details of Azadari (mourning days activities) performed during the first ten days (from 1st to 10th Muharram)  of Muharram particular on 10th Muharram during morning time taken out Alam-e-Mubarak of Hzt Abbasa.s  by performing Khooni Matam (Self-flagellation) Khama Zani and Zanjir Zani.

Lastly DCP South Zone visited historical Badshahi Ashoor khana which was constructed immediately after completion of  historical Charminar, Mujawar Mir Abbas Ali Moosvi explained the historical details of Badshai Ashoor Khana and presented a book on Ashoor Khana Jaat.

DCP South Zone said that he felt peace of mind by visiting all these Ashoorkhana jaat and also paid homage to the martyrs of Karbala. He offered sehra at every Ashoor khana and Mujawer tied Imam-e-Zamin to DCP South Zone Sri Sai Chaitanya  as well as to Syed Najaf Ali Shoukat.  (PMI)

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