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More than 150 suicide attacks on European countries

Paris: European attacks threaten more than 150 suicide attacks.
According to the British newspaper Guardian, the International Police Interpol has expressed concern over more than 150 suicide attacks on Europe. After the withdrawal of Iraq-controlled areas in Iraq and Syria, US military experts analyzed the information obtained from them and set up a list of ISIS’s 173 militants who could attack a suicide attack on Europe. ISIS has prepared these fighters especially for suicide attacks in European countries, and trained to make bombs, when the warriors can travel internationally due to foreign citizenship, to avenge their defeat in the Middle East. .
Interpol’s Central Secretariat has recently released a list of these invaders on all relevant governments. There is no such information as to whether any of the suicide bombers have succeeded in entering Europe, but Interpol has listened to all the concerned countries with the connected network of contacts and said that no one You should be notified immediately.
Iraq officials say that 26 foreign jihadis have been arrested from the inspector, including two men, 8 children and 16 women. All the foreigners have been transferred to Iraqi capital Baghdad, Baghdad. Both men are related to Chechnya, whereas women belong to Russia, Iran, Syria, France, Belgium and Germany. The number of German women is four. A German woman is Moroccan. According to the investigators, the women arrested were arrested by ISIS.

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