Wednesday , April 14 2021


Hyderabad Dec 28 (PMI):  Now a days the fraudster are employing modern techniques and methodologies to defraud the people and thereby causing financial loss said CP Cyberabad.       

He said in a recent case, on 23rd December 2019 the Cybercrime PS of Cyberabad received a complaint from Sri Shaik Sajeeduddin, in which he received a call on 19-12-2019 from the mobile numbers 916289056324 & 917979059680 and they said they were calling from Credit Card Department of Axis bank which cards he told and asked card details for credit card payment. On that he shared his Axis and SBI Bank card details and OTP with them. After that an amount of Rs. 87,179/- has been debited from his accounts in seven (7) transactions and he realized that it is a fraud.

CP Cyberabad Sri VC Sanjannar IPS informed to the public not to share any information regarding your Credit card details PIN Number/OTP to any one even though the caller is claim that he is calling from Bank, No bank official will ask for card details, CVV/Pin number, OTP of the customer and do not click any link through online. Do not give your Debit/Credit card to strangers in Restaurants, Bars, and Shopping malls and do not tell PIN to them to avoid theft of data of your card.

Take precautions and avoid help of strangers in withdrawing of amounts in ATMs and observe whether the ATM machines are fitted with any skimmers. If any fraud transaction is identified in your account, immediately inform to your Home Bank branch and to the Cyber Crime PS through written complaint.

If there are any International transactions on your Credit card and Debit card, report the matter to the concerned bank. The bank officials will investigate the matter and arrange to refund the amount within 90 days from the date of complaint. Otherwise matter may be reported to the Reserve Bank of India through mail.

Do not click unknown links without verifying it is genuine or fake. Do not respond to the unknown caller who introduces himself as bank employee and appears to be having genuine logo in True caller. It is also a fake logo created by the fraudsters.

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