Friday , December 2 2022

Workshop to Encourage Women Entrepreneurs

Hyderabad,   CII Indian Women Network (IWN) of Telangana organized a workshop on “Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship for a better workplace” here at University of Hyderabad today.

The objective of the session was to encourage the aspiring student entrepreneurs and working professionals to walk away with tangible new skills, confidence and abilities that will result in positive changes in their workplaces and in social community.

          Speaking at the session, Ms Vanitha Datla, Chairwoman, IWN(SR) & Vice Chairperson, Elico Ltd, talked about the importance of being connected to the world in order to become successful entrepreneur. “More thrust must be given to multi-disciplinary areas primarily in Manufacturing, core sciences and liberal arts”, she said.

           Talking specifically about women aspirants, Ms Datla opined that women is bound to go through biological clock, but this should not be considered as a limitation. “Rather if few situations and time periods makes us to take few steps back, we should be prepared to take few steps forward at other times”, she said.

           Ms Datla also pointed out that the next decade the Indian entrepreneurs have immense opportunities to serve the global market and the aspiring women entrepreneurs must make best use of this.

            Prof Venkatramana, Dean at School of Management, University of Hyderabad, spoke about the technology business incubators at University of Hyderabad, which houses some of the first entrepreneurs and innovators. “Education system is not resulting in entrepreneurship in India and hence we need to evolve a system to promote such an ecosystem”, he said.

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