Thursday , December 1 2022


Hyderabad,   Traffic restrictions have been imposed in the by the city by police in view of Independence Day on August 15.

            City police commissioner M. Mahender Reddy said in a notification that traffic restrictions have been imposed in order to facilitate proper regulation of traffic in connection with the Parade and Independence Day Celebrations at Golconda Fort, Hyderabad on August 15 at 10.00 AM., the following traffic restrictions will be enforced.

        The road from Ramdev Guda to Golconda Fort will be closed for general vehicular traffic from 7.00 A.M to 12.00 noon.

       The entry from Ramdev Guda to Golconda Fort will be “One Way” with parking stickers A / B / C only between 7.30 A.M to 10.00 A.M i.e., Cars will be allowed from Ramdev Guda towards Golconda Fort before the Parade Commences and in the reverse direction towards Golconda Fort to Ramdev Guda after the parade is over.

All the invitees coming on vehicles with A, B & C Car Passes from Sec’bad, Banjara Hills, Masab Tank, Mehdipatnam side are requested to proceed via: Rethi Bowli Junction, Nanal Nagar Junction left turn Balika Bhavan, Andhra Flour Mills, Flyover Lunger Houz, Tippu Khan Bridge, Ramdev Guda right turn Makai Darwaza and Golconda Fort Gate towards and alight at their respective alighting points. After alighting A Car passholder should park their vehicles on the main road in front of the Fort Gate i.e. towards Fateh Darwaza Road. B Car passholder get down near Fort gate (infront of Yousufain Hotel) and send their vehicles to B car parking place at Bus Stop,Golconda which is 50 meters away from the main gate of the Fort. C CarPass holders are requested to get down near Fort gate (infront of Yousufain Hotel) and send their vehicles to C car parking place at Hockey Ground, opp. Golconda PS.

All the invitees coming on vehicles with D, E & F Car Passes are requested to come to Golconda Fort from Seven Tombs side (Banjara Darwaza) via:Shaikpet Nala and Toli Chowki only.They will not be allowed from Ramdev Guda and Makai Darwaza. The D car pass holders are requested to alight at Priyadarshini School, Golconda and send their vehicle for parking inside the Priyadarshini School. The E  Car Pass holders are requested to come via: Seven Tomb and enter into Banjara Darwaza and take immediate left turn and proceed towards Golconda Police Station and take right turn and park their vehicles at Owaisi GHMC Play Ground which is 600 mtrs away from Main Gate of Golconda Fort.

       The vehicles with E car passes are also requested to proceed to their respective parking places via Hyderabad Golf Club, Jamali Darwaja and park their vehicles in GHMC Play ground near Golconda P.S.

       The vehicles with F car passes i.e. General Public who are coming to the venue on their vehicles are requested to come via: Under the Langer House fly over and take U turn towards Talabkatta  and park their vehicles at HUDA park. Who are coming towards Seven tombs they are requested to come via Shaikpet nala and park their vehicles inside the Seven Tombs respectively. They can board free buses provided at both the places to reach the place of function.

       Once the function is over, vehicles with A, B & C Car Passes will retreat/exit through Makai Darwaza, Ramdev Guda etc. The vehicles with Dcar passes will retreat/exit via: Banjara Darwaza, Seven Tombs etc only. The vehicles with E car passes will retreat/exit via: Jamali Darwaza, Golf Club, Seven Tombs etc only. The vehicles with F passes i.e. General public should retreat/exit through their respective parking places only.

       All the invitees are requested to invariably display their Car Passes prominently on the left side windscreen of their vehicles for easy identification. Further they are also requested to come in time as indicated in the invitation cards.They are also requested to co-operate with the Traffic Police manning the alighting points and the parking places.

At Secunderabad Parade Grounds:       Traffic will be diverted at Tivoli Junction towards Brooke Bond and N.C.C Junction and traffic coming from Tivoli towards Plaza will be restricted from 8.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m

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