Thursday , September 21 2023

Traffic curbs at Dhoolpet area from tomorrow

Hyderabad : In order to ease traffic congestion caused by sale and transportation of Ganesh idols in Dhoolpet area and to maintain smooth flow of vehicles and ensure public safety, the Joint Commissioner of Police, Traffic imposed traffic restrictions from August 21 from 2 pm to 2 pm on August 26.

In a press note here today, the Traffic police stated that no vehicle will be allowed from Bhoigudakaman crossroads towards Puranapool the Gandhi statue via Mangalhat Police Station. The general traffic coming from Darussalam and intending to go to Puranapul should go via Panmandi, Ghode-ki-khabar, Jhinsi chowraha, Jummerat Bazar and Puranapul.

Similarly, motorists coming from Asifnagar and intending to go to Puranapool will have to take right turn at Aghapura crossroads and proceed towards Ghode-ki-khabar, Jinsi Chowraha, Gulzar Baitak, Jummerath Bazar and Puranapul. Lorries, DCMs which ply for purchase of Ganesh Idols are allowed to park their vehicles at Jummerath Bazaar ground and they will be allowed only at midnight after zero hrs to take the idols.

Vehicles like auto-trolleys, DCM Lorrie and other vehicles, which are coming to load Ganesh Idols will have to enter from Gandhi Statue at Puranapool, Jali Hanuman, PS Mangalhat, Shanker Café and exit through Bhoiguda Kaman. Two wheelers and cars coming from Puranapool side for purchase of idols will have to park the vehicles at  Jiyaguda side road leading to Moosi river. Similarly, the vehicles coming from Seetharam Bagh and Darussalam side can also park the vehicles in the lanes of Aghapura and go by walk for purchase of idols.

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