Wednesday , September 27 2023

The murderer said, ‘If I did not kill him, he would have killed me’

The police has arrested the accused lover for the murder of girlfriend in the village of Gadhia Bhojpur. After this arrest, whatever has been accepted by the boyfriend, there has been a new turn in the story of love. He is saying that if he did not kill, then he would have killed him and he took the step of murdering his girlfriend in exchange for infidelity and father’s insult. The police sent him to jail after Saturday’s arrest.
SSP Rajesh Pandey said in the press conference on Saturday afternoon that the name of Vinesh alias Bunty, who was living in front of his village only after the fierce assassination of Fisherman, was exposed. On this, the SO Amit Kumar arrested the team along with the team near Tezpur Pump.
Khurpi and bloody cloth etc used in the killing of his sculptures, etc. were recovered. He later admitted accepting the murder, although he did not enter the house with the intention of his murder. But on occasions, such circumstances became such that the murder took place. On this occasion SP City Atul Shrivastav, CO First and CO III were also present.
If I did not kill then he would die
Accepting the murder in front of the media in the press conference, the accused said that there was a love relationship for nearly six-seven years with his maiden. The two families were opposing it. Even then when the young man’s home comes with his relation, then the young woman would stand in opposition. Once, I took hold of my hand in front of the people who took the relationship and started saying that kill me first, then you get married. On this, I decided to marry Fisher.
About a quarter of a month ago, suddenly one day the fisherman was sent to the house of his elder sister because of his delivery. He had already taken care of every need of the fish. When he went there, he asked for the cost, then Veenesh gave him 4 thousand rupees. He asked for clothes too and said that he would give it to him. Later when she came to give him clothes, some young men surrounded him and tried to beat him. He could not understand anything that day, and somehow saved the village and came to the village.
But one day, the fisherman said that he would make some jugs. On this, the young man made a chandelier, chains, and ring for him to make a roof, then he was surrounded and beaten to death. When he asked the reason for the youth to beat him, then the fish came there and said that he was scolding you. At the same time he understood that it got stuck in someone’s love. He was kept hostage until 11 o’clock there. After that he got out of some way and came to the pedestrian village. There was no contact between the two.
Now eight days back, when Yuvati returned to the village, she tried to negotiate. On this, the young woman started threatening to kill him. Crooks climbed at his house for two days. Both of them were awake in the house during the night, and the noise started to run away. Two days ago, the young woman gave unnecessary abuses to her father after facing him and made it to be beaten with slippers. On Thursday, Vineet himself wanted to meet, the young woman brick and broke her head.
On Friday morning, when she got into her house to talk to her, the young woman attacked the old man on the other side. Just there he killed the young woman in anger. The young man has no regrets for his actions

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