Friday , September 30 2022

The Agricultural Officer Shamshabad Mandal Raided on Tin Shed Sheet Gowdan Belong to Smt Somana Maheshwari at Thondupally Village

Shamsabad 22 July:  The Agricultural officer of Shmshabad Mandal has on reliable information raided the tin shed sheet   situated in Sy. No. 133/134, in the limits of Thondupally Village belonging to Smt Somana Maheshwari, W/o. Sudarshan Reddy, R/o. Madhura Nagar, Shamsahabad and found suspected to be adulterated various seeds, bio products and manufacturing dates expiry seeds etc., concealed in the tin sheet to be sold.

The accused No 1 namely Peddi Reddy Ravichandra Reddy, S/o. Late Adi Narayana Reddy, age 41 years , Occupation Proprietor, M/s. Bionex Crop Science Pvt., Ltd., Athapur, Rajendranagar, R/o. Plot. No. 102, Opp: Rockl International School, Kokapet Village, Gandipet Mandal, R.R. District, N/o. H. No. 9/1, Sangeethampally Village, Amadaguru Mandal, Kadiri (Taluq), Ananthapur District, Andhra Pradesh State was taken in to custody and seized the following under a cover of panchanama in the presence of mediators.

CHEMICALS: which the agriculture officer Shamshabad  has seized are   like Unnamed black chemical 39 bags weight  about 25 kgs each and 40 boxes each 25 kgs each box, Sodium sulphate – 2 ½ bags each 25 Kgs + 15 Kgs,    Presphirate Silica white powder – 18 bags each bag containing 25 Kgs.   Urea about 10 Kgs5.   Bullet insecticide – 4 cottons each 20 bottles (100 grams),    Kissan Real Protector – 4 cottons each 10 bottles.   Unlabelled chemical tins – 10 tins+10 tins (big & small),    Kissan Robo – 1 cotton (24 bottles) 250 ml each.   Kissan Proton Power – 10 bottles 500 ml each10.                Star

Suraksha – 10 bottles

GRAINS:    Sajjalu – 9 bags each bag 50 kgs.2.   Mirchi loose – 2 bags each bag 10 kgs

 Sunflower – 13 bags each bag containing 25 Nos. pockets4.   Kandi, bags each 15 kgs,    Akshaya cotton seeds – 375 pockets each 450 grams (Expired date: 04.02.2017)

 Surya Benda seeds – 15 Kgs Mirch.

TOOLS:   Weighing machine -1,   Continuous band sealer machine – 1,    packing strips – bundles and    Plaster – 5 bundles,    Small gas stove with cylinder – 1,   Iron box – 1,, Oil lifting machine – 1.

EMPTY POUCHES AND LABELS:  Ramsons seeds Bendi – 80 Nos,   Sri Sagar seeds – 40 Nos,   Adhi 369 BG-II Cotton – 200 Nos,    Ramson seeds Onion N53 – 80 Nos,   Gayatri – 12 Kandi – 100 Nos,   Bionex seeds Mirchi – 250 Nos,  Himani – 529 watermelons – 20 Nos,   Sixer – 120 Nos.   Mahendra Red Chilli sticker – 20 Nos. , Dharani Hybrid Chilli Stickers – 200 Nos. (Expired Date: 30.12.2014), 11,   Kissan Jackpot Liquid sticker – 100 Nos,  Real Protector Sticker – 150 Nos,  Teja 505 Hybrid Amudam – 60 Nos,  KCPL Tiger – 300 Nos,   Sitara – 55 (Bajra seeds) – 500 Nos,  Ramson seeds – Mixed vegetables – 100 Nos,   Sri Sagar Seeds SSM 5566 Hybrid Maize – 150 Nos,  Kiran 88 Hybri Sunflower – 180 Nos. (Expired Date: 31.03.2017),   Advertised Pads – 55 Nos, Surya 444 25 Kgs bags – 50 Nos.

The accused had no possessed with any valid license of permit to sale or stock the aforesaid various seeds as well as other bio products in the godown at Thondupally village. Whereas he had a license for the sale of seeds and bio products and godown at Rallaguda, Shamshabad.

          The accused had stocked the said various suspected to be adulterated seeds and other bio products, manufacturing date expiry seeds in the said sheet stealthily to make dark business and to cheat the farmers for their wrongful gain.

          The accused A2 Chinthala Manoj Kumar, S/o. Shankar Rao, age 50 years, Occupation business, and A3 Chinthala Shruthi, W/o. Manoj Kumar, both R/o. Brindavan colony, Ootpally Village, Shamshabad Mandal are absconding. Soon they will be arrested.

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