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Seventeen persons held in Ghatkesar PS Limits for involving in killing and selling of leopard skin and seized one swift car, two knives and mobile phones from their possession

     Ghatkesar July 11 (PMI) The sleuths of SOT, Rachakonda on credible information apprehended six persons with leopard skin in the Ghatkesar P.S limits and in continuation apprehended another (11) persons with assistance of the forest officials and seized one leopard skin, mobile phones, two knives and one Swift VDI Car  Registered  No. AP 01 Y 5153 from their possession.

 A case is registered under Cr No 352/2017, U/s IPC and Sec 9, 2(XVI), 39, 49-B, 52, 56 and 57 of wild life (Protection) Act-1972.

As per the Press Release of PRO Rachakonda the accused Anil, Srinivas, Jyothiram and Jaggaram all resident of Islampur village of Kadem Mandal. They belong to gond caste. The accused persons are habituated to animals poaching for wild bores and deer in the wild forest area of Uddampur and Birsaipet of Kadam and Utnoor Mandal. All the four accused persons in the month of March 2016 hatched a plan to kill tigers in the forest for the purpose of skin to sell it for the needy customers for higher prize. As per their plan the procured wire and sticks and other incriminating material and went to the dense forest of Birsaipet in the Utnoor area and they laid a iron wire fencing round the water pond where wild animals come for drinking water. In the evening hours they laid and connected it to the electrical wire by putting hooks. All the four were watching from a nearby distance. In the early morning hours they heard a big current shock sound and found one big leopard got electrocuted and killed near the water pond. Immediately they skinned the leopard with the knifes and kept in the nearby forest area. Later they informed to the Jaithu and handed over the skin for selling.

  Jaithu contacted Manik Rao and Limba Rao of Ashapally village and informed them about the leopard skin and requested them to search for the customers. They both met their relative Atharam Sudarshan and informed about the leopard skin and they brought from Jaithu and kept with Sudarshan for selling.

Since then Atharam Sudarshan, Manik Rao and Limba Rao were searching for the customers for selling the leopard skin. In the mean time they met one Jainuddin and Siddam Badhu @ Sakru of Kerameri village and requested them to search for the s prospective customers who are willing to buy the skin for higher prize. They informed them they got the leopard skin from Islampur villagers. In this connection Jinuddin and Sakru contacted one of their friend by name Ityala Ravi of Bondagudem village of Asifabad Mandal to search for the customers at Hyderabad. Ravi informed to his friends namely Arepally Rajanarsu of Bellampally, Mohammed Mujahid @ Mujju of Basanthnagar, Banoth Rajashekar of Asifabad Mandal, Mohammed Khaja Pasha of Peddapally, Mohammed jakir of Bellampally and Nelli Raju of Jammikunta Karimnagar Dist for searching the customers at Hyderabad for selling the leopard skin.

Since 3 months the above said persons are contacting the customers at Hyderabad and mediating for selling the leopard skin for about 20 to 25 lakhs.

On 06-07-2017, Rajanarsu, Mujahid, Rajashekar, Mohammed Zaakir, Mohammed Khaja Pasha and Nelli Raju informed to Zainuddin to bring the leopard skin from Sukru, Manik Rao and Limba Rao for taking it to Hyderabad for selling the same for good prize. While they were proceeding towards Hyderabad in swift car via Ghatkesar ORR Bridge the vehicle checking SOT Rachakonda along with Ghatkesar police stopped the swift car and on searching the vehicle found the leopard skin in the bag and they have taken into custody and seized the following items from their possession 1) One leopard skin 2) Six Mobile phones and 3) One Swift VDI Car Reg. No.  AP  01 Y 5153.

The accused persons Rajanarsu, Mujahid, Rajashekar, Mohammed Zaakir, Khaja Pasha and Nelli Raju were arrested on 06-07-2017 and produced before the Hon’ble court for judicial remand on the next day i.e. 07-07-2017.

Further, yesterday i.e. on 10-07-2017 the police team SOT Racahkonda along with the assistance of forest officers have apprehended the remaining (11) members Anil, Srinivas, Jyothiram, Jaggarao, Jaithu, Jainuddin, Ravi, Sukru, Sudharshan, Manik Rao and Limba Rao at  Islamapur village of Kadem Mandal and brought them to Hyderabad and effected their arrest.

All together 17 persons are arrested in this case and being produced before the Hon’ble court for judicial remand.

The arrests were made under the direct supervision of Sri Mahesh M Bhagwat IPS, Commissioner of Police, Rachakonda under the guidance of Sri Uma Shanker Sharma, Deputy Commissioner of Police, ACP Malkajgiri, the Inspector of Police SOT Sri G.Naveen Kumar, Sri B.Prakash Inspector of Police, Ghatkesar PS, Hafeezuddin SI, Chandrashekar Si and HC Krishna PC’s Rajesh, Ramchander of SOT Malkajgiri Zone and staff of Ghatkesar PS.CCF Chandrashekar Reddy, DFO Venkateshwarlu of forest Dept.

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