Wednesday , December 6 2023

Sanitation shouldn’t be a problem to teachers in govt schools: Kishan Reddy

Hyderabad, Dec.10 (PMI): Union minister for tourism & culture G. Kishan Reddy today said the issue of sanitation and toilets should not become a problem for the teachers in government schools. He said proper sanitation in schools would alone help the students to carry out their studies in a proper manner and added that it would also help the poor to increase their trust about the government schools among the poor people in the State. The Union minister said they were giving priority for the provision of basic amenities as part of the new education policy of the Central government.

He made these remarks while addressing a gathering at a program held by Atal Bihari Vajpayee Foundation at Jamia Osmania government school. He was the chief guest at the event and distributed toilet cleaning machines to 100 government schools from his Secunderabad Lok Sabha seat. He also personally cleaned the toilets later with the cleaning machines. He also inaugurated a digital class room and laboratory built at a cost of ₹21 lakh in the same school and interacted with the students.

       Speaking on the occasion, the  minister said both the State and the Central governments were spending thousands of crores of rupees for providing public sector education and added that there was a need to utilise the opportunities provided by the governments. He said school management committees should become a part of the sanitation activities in the schools irrespective of their political affiliations.

He reminded that he has arranged a vehicle for the cleaning of the toilets in his Amberpet Assembly constituency when he was an MLA and added that the vehicle used to clean the toilets in the government schools for every three days. He said that he was now handing over the toilet cleaners to every school in his constituency and added that the machines would help the school staff to clean the toilets with less water. He said they would handover the cleaning machines to all hospitals and NGOs from his constituency in the next month . Reddy said he was making efforts for building additional class rooms and distribute 3,000 tables to the government schools. He urged the State government to take steps for the maintenance of proper sanitation in the government schools. (PMI)

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