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Today Rachakonda Police celebrated the International Women’s day – 2019 At Infosys, Pocharam, Ghatkesar, Hyderabad. For this programme Sri Mahesh M Bhagwat, IPS, Commissioner of Police Rachakonda Was the chief guest and also Sri Manisha Saboo, Infosys Head and Marghadarshaks, Latharaman, Venkata Sai Niharika, Bhavana Purushothapu, Karunamoy Kondru, Pallavi Priya ADCP SHE teams Rachakonda Saleema, SHO Ghatkesar and 07 SHE teams and 200 members of Infosys employees were attended the celebrations.

Sri Mahesh M. Bhagwat, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Rachakonda said that Now a day’s Women’s are succeeded and leading in all fields Like DRDO, and Etc.

And also said that as part women safety Rachakonda SHE teams succeeded in their job and Rescued 54 minor girls from child marriages, 36 girls from Human trafficking in Yadadri zone.

Sri Mahesh M. Bhagwat, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Rachakonda Appreciated the SHE teams for their best performance in women safety.


Cases against eve teasing – The SHE teams Rachakonda for the year 2014-2019 registered total 1899 cases out of 688 FIR cases and 1088 Petty cases and 123 counselling cases. And Apprehended 2272 respondents/accused persons, out of 2015 majors and remaining 257 minors.

Stopped Child marriages:- Stopped 54 child marriages by SHE Teams Rachakonda police and rescued 54 minor girls from their child marriages which were planned to perform at different places by their parents mainly from rural areas i.e., Bhongir and Choutuppal areas

SHE FOR HER Concept- From Each college we identified one or two active and skilled girls from each college and titled them as SHE FOR HER and train them in initiatives like she teams and women safety and security awareness and education and in the year we have registered 22 cases through HER for Her.

Awareness programmes- During the last year period conducted 3033 awareness programs in schools, colleges, institutions and companies and nearly 27,02,300 women and girls were attended.

Decoy Operations:- So many eve teasers were caught by Rachakonda SHE teams in decoy operations from different areas of Rachakonda while they are teasing girls at different Hotspots like junctions/ Bus stops/Working Places and colleges of the Rachakonda area. All are booked under petty cases/FIRs and counselled by professional counsellors of BHUMIKA WOMEN’S COLLECTIVE in the presence of their family members. Minors are counselled by Dr.Vasavi samyuktha sunki, Chief Consultant Psychologist.

Metro train Decoy Duty: – Rachakonda SHE teams conducting Decoy operations at Metro Train every day to curb the eve teasing.

SHE Shuttles: As part of women safety in the IT Corridor area Rachakonda Police Initiated new transportations system for the women IT employees Named as SHE SHUTTLES.

Margadarshak Program- This initiative has been introduced with the help of SCSC in all IT & ITES companies where an active and capable women employees are identified as MARGADARSHAK who acts as a facilitator between the victims, management and police.

Socio Psychological Counselling To Eve teasers:- Regular counselling being given to the offenders by the women counsellors from BHOOMIKA COLLECTIVE an NGO, in the presence of their parents or family members. For minor boys were counselled by professional psychologist Dr.Vasavi Samyuktha Sunki, Chief Consultant Psychologist to change their behaviour.

Human Trafficking cases:
Sheteams Rachakonda made efforts in anti human trafficking at Yadagirigutta area and rescued 36 minor girls from Human Traffickers by conducting raids.

Child selling case: 02
Sheteams Rachakonda made efforts and caught two child selling cases of Bibinagar PS and Ghatkesar PS.


Rachakonda Sheteams made strong efforts in child safety and found sex determination centres by conducting decoys at Diagnostic centres/Hospitals and registered 4 PNDT cases and arrested 07 Qualified MBBS Doctors from four multi speciality hospitals at Uppal, Medipally, Choutuppal and Ibrahimpatnam .

And The Spoorthi team From Infosys were performed stage drama about women safety, Sri Mahesh M. Bhagwat, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Rachakonda appreciated the performance of Spoorthi Team

Sri Manisha Saboo, Infosys, appreciate the Rachakonda She team dedicated works. In women safety.

Sri Mahesh M. Bhagwat, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Rachakonda expressed his wish to participate the future project on antitraficking along with Infosys foundation.

 At   end of the session Sri Mahesh M. Bhagwat, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Rachakonda, Sri Manisha Saboo, Infosys, Infosys staff  and Sheteams  Rachakonda  were cut a cake on occasion of International Women’s day  and   congratulated all appealed to all the women/girls from Rachakonda to approach Rachakonda she teams through Rachakonda whatsapp control number 9490617111 or dial 100 whenever they are facing eve teasing / Sexual harassme

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