Thursday , August 11 2022

Priyanka charisma won’t resurrect Congress: Kavitha

Hyderabad, Jan. 30 (PMI): TRS MP from Nizamabad K. Kavitha today observed that the Congress party may not “win the hearts of the people” despite roping Priyanka Gandhi into active politics as the Congress has miserably failed to eradicate poverty but resorted to make empty promises.

Talking to mediapersons after casting her vote in Pothangal gram panchayat in Nizamabad district, Kavitha accused the Congress of indulging in making senseless remarks sans positive policies. In the gram panchayat polls, 80 per cent of votes were given to the ruling party, she claimed. She also said most of the winners in the gram panchayat polls are youth, who have to focus on development of the villages. They have to take up programs to be remembered by generations to come.

The MP said the TRS will urge Prime Minister Narendra Modi to focus on keeping the bifurcation promises made to Telangana State. Kavitha said the party MPs will raise their voice in Parliament budget session and press the Centre. The State government will act strictly to put an end to the deception of Gulf agents. The Centre should have a small list of subjects and there should be only two such lists – Central and States. The concept of Concurrent List should be done away with and subjects that States can more effectively address at the local level such as education and agriculture, should be given to them, Kavitha said.

Predicts big role for Federal Front & KCR

She also predicted a big role for the Federal Front proposed by Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. “The Federal Front is all about how to bring about change in the country as the TRS did in Telangana State. Its agenda was not about who should be the Prime Minister. Its agenda is that of the people. We have made a visible difference in the lives of people in Telangana and we want it in the rest of India,” she said. “I believe KCR will play a decisive role in country as well as Federal Front,” Kavitha said. She said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s graph has been falling and Rahul Gandhi’s was not rising. Wherever regional parties are in the States, they are rising, whether in Telangana, AP or Odisha. They will have a big role to play after the elections, she added.

Kavitha said the Congress and the BJP were given opportunities to run the country for 77 years. Instead of focusing on what the Central government should do, those governments always intruded in State governments’ affairs. Instead of taking care of foreign policy, national defence, they want to come and run a school in Nizamabad district, she quipped. (PMI)

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