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PM Narendra Modi urged to ensure ‘optimum milieu’ for medical staff

New Delhi: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Monday appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his intervention to resolve the long pending pleas of the council and to ensure “optimum milieu” for medical professionals without mental and physical fear.

 The medical council expressed anguish over continuing attempts of certain people to propagate disbelief and misinformation in relation to the vaccines and the evidence based scientific protocols of modern medicine released from time to time by the Ministry of Heath along with the guidance of ICMR and the Covid-19 Task Force.

Raising increasing incidents of physical violence against the doctors and the health care professionals, the IMA said the brutal assault on a young doctor in Assam and the assault on lady doctors and even on veteran practitioners across the country are causing mental trauma among the practitioners. It said that many young doctors have also lost their lives on account of their dedicated service to thousands of people — which has affected not only the Doctors but also many of their close family members, it said.

There are cases where both husband and wife being doctors have lost their lives, leaving behind their children as orphans. With the continuous and ongoing physical and mental assault on our doctors as well as purposeful spread of misinformation against modern medicine and vaccination by certain people with vested interests, the IMA said, it is “constrained to once again appeal to you (the Prime Minister) to personally intervene and resolve our long pending pleas”.

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