Friday , January 27 2023

P D Act Invoked Against Edwin Nunes,Drug Peddler

*Hyderabad ‘Dec’12 2022-(PMI) Sri C.V.Anand, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad City issued preventive detention order under the Act No.1 of 1986 (P.D. Act) against Edwin Nunes, s/o Joseph Nunes, aged about 45 years, Occ: Business, r/o H.No. 774, St. Micheal Waddo, Anjuna, North Goa, Goa, a Drug Offender of Ramgopalpet Police Station, on 9.12.2022.
The detenu Edwin Nunes, s/o Joseph Nunes, has been habitually peddling “narcotic drugs” in the limits of Hyderabad Police Commissionerate and in Goa State. He is on inter-state drug peddler running Curlies Shack restaurant and 2 other hotels in Goa and attracting hundreds of customers especially the youth, to his restaurant by providing narcotic drugs. In the recent past he is involved in 4 cases of drug peddling. He is having a network of more than 2000 consumers who are located in different parts of the country. He started his career as a waiter, then became a bar tender and now running 3 restaurants/hotels in Goa built with help of easy money earned through the drug peddling. He attracts youth and visitors to his hotels by playing psychedelic music and supplying drugs. He uses latest technology and IT tools to escape from the dragnet of police.
Ramgopalpet Police made strenuous efforts and arrested the detenu Edwin Nunes, s/o Joseph Nunes on 5.11.2022 in Cr.No.257/2022 of Ramgopalpet Police Station and remanded him to judicial custody. The detenu is out on bail in all cases. The preventive detention order was executed on him on 11.12.2022 and he was lodged in Central Prison, Chanchalguda, Hyderabad.(Press media of india)

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