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By Syed Jaffer Abbas Jafri {(Bureau Chief Australia), Courtesy Messenger}

KARACHI/ ISLAMABAD/ QUETTA/ MELBOURNE: If anyone claims that Karachi has become peaceful and the Law Enforcing Agencies (LEAs) have controlled the terrorism, target killing, bomb blasts, sectarian violence, political and religious unrest, kidnapping for ransom, collection of extortion money, street crimes, routine offences including murder, embattled and airier firing incidents, well-planned bank robberies, child abuses, scheduled dacoits’ events, mobile phones snatching, Karo-Kari (honour killing), gender discrimination, forced conversion of a different religion, habitual waylaying and other types of daily felonies in Pakistan, it definitely means that either he/she him/herself directly or indirectly involved in such types of above intimidation or completely unknown about the real facts and figures or believes in ‘courtierism’ or a pay-rolled instrument of an ‘unknown missionary’ while, he/she is either the facilitator, supporter, financer, protector and follower or entirely incompetent, uneducated, immature, illiterate, and non-deserving.

According to Wikipedia, terrorism in Pakistan has become a major and highly destructive phenomenon in recent years. The annual death toll from terrorist attacks has risen from 164 in 2003 to 3318 in 2009, with a total of 35,000 Pakistanis killed between 11 September 2001 and May 2011.

Wikipedia’s figures further show at least 28,893 militants (total casualties 43,296 at least but probably more) have been reportedly killed so far (from January 2005 to December 2018).

This figure was updated adding those counted by the South Asia Terrorism Portal but only concerned Federal Administered Tribal Area (FATA) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and not the whole regions of the country while, the data collected by the media reports, from June 2011 till April 12, 2019 (during 8 years), more than 37,000 people have been murdered and near about 150,000 injured, over 16,000 people are missing or kidnapped across the country but neither the former Pakistani governments or authorities are ready to accept these figures nor considered by the present rolling administration yet nonetheless, the former and present governments’ officials, ministers, parliamentarians and authorities have been referred and quoted the above figures during TV talk shows, election campaigns, public meetings and during debates on open forums hence, some media outlets have also ‘shown’ a mere looking trailer just for their own interest or to blackmail or bargain agencies and ‘financiers’ to high their rates as well as to show the figures directly to the terror organizations to get their right, nothing else, which definitely caused fruitful and a big source of data collection for impartial journalists, writers, historians and other concerned individuals and groups, and usually it’s called “price of mangoes along with price of seeds.

According to exclusive news flashed by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on 31 May 2018 which has a unique title “The story of Pakistan’s ‘disappeared’ Shias and according to the contents of the story, Haider’s family says, he had returned to the port city from a pilgrimage in Karbala, Iraq, with his pregnant wife just two days before he was detained.

Uzma Haider has since given birth to a baby boy who has never seen his father.

“My kids are always asking me, ‘When will our dad come home?'” she told the BBC. “What answer can I give them? No-one is telling us where he is or how he is. At least tell us what he’s accused of.”

The families of the other dozens of “disappeared” Shia people have similar stories of their loved ones being picked up from their homes at night by the security forces.

CCTV images from a local mosque show 30-year-old Naeem Haider being led away in handcuffs by more than a dozen armed men. Some have their faces covered with masks, others are in police uniform.

It was the night of 16 November 2016. Haider has not been seen since. Despite the CCTV video evidence both the police and intelligence services have denied in court that he is in their custody.

Haider is one of 140 Pakistani Shias to have “disappeared” over the past two years, according to community activists. Their families believe they were taken into custody by the intelligence services. Over 25 of the missing, including Haider, belong to Pakistan’s largest city Karachi.

According to a report issued by Amnesty International, the mandate of the military courts to try civilian “terrorism” suspects was extended for a further two years. Reports continued that security forces were involved in human rights violations, including torture and other ill-treatment, arbitrary detention, extrajudicial executions and enforced disappearances. Impunity remained in the absence of independent, impartial mechanisms to investigate and bring perpetrators to justice. While the number of attacks by armed groups fell in 2017, scores of people died in bombings that targeted the security forces, religious minorities and others. Adding to some more data by other relevant sources regarding the Shia target killing, missing and kidnapping of Shia youth, as many as 7,810 Shias were murdered, over 11,750 injured and hundreds of others including aged citizens, disable persons even children and women were either forcibly missed or kidnapped during the year 2017.

According to the Shia News Network (SNN) published a detailed report on 31 December 2016 in which SNN claimed 58 Shai Muslims embraced martyrdom due to target attacks only by the Takfiri terrorists of banned Deobandi Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jamat (ASWJ) while the other sources maintained that over 8992 other Shia Muslims were also martyred during the detention of agencies, failure to pay ransom during the kidnapping, well managed targeted killings, bomb blasts, suicide attacks, firings incidents and other similar occasions in the same year.

During the year 201o to 2016 a non-stop sequence of suicide bombings, armed attacks, and killings by the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and their affiliates targeted nearly every sector of Pakistani society, including religious minorities, security personnel, health workers, lawyers, doctors and journalists, resulting in over 17,000 of deaths.

The sectarian violence in Pakistan refers to attacks and counter-attacks against people and places in a country motivated by antagonism toward the target’s sect, usually a religious group. These attacks are carried out by different Deobandi terrorist groups. Targets in Pakistan include the Barelvi Sunni, Shia, Sufi and the small Ahmadi, Hindu and Christian religious groups. As many as since 2008 “thousands of Shias” have been killed by Deobandi extremists according to the Human Rights Watch. One significant aspect of the attacks on Shias in Pakistan is that militants often target Shia worshipping places (Imambargah) during prayers in order to maximize fatalities and to “emphasize the religious dimensions of their attack”. Human Rights Watch also states that in 2011 and 2012 Pakistan minority groups Hindus, Ahmadi, and Christians “faced unprecedented insecurity and persecution in the country”.Attacks on Sufi shrines by Salafis have also been reported.

Among those blamed for the sectarian violence in the country are mainly Sunni militant groups, such as the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Sipah-e-Sahaba, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (affiliates of Al-Qaeda), Jundullah (affiliates of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). Lashkar-e-Jhangvi has claimed responsibility for most attacks” on Shias, Human Rights Watch reported.Sunni militant groups are also blamed for attacks on fellow Sunnis, Barelvis and Sufis, Wikipedia concluded.

This correspondent would like to present here some independent media and experts reports for further information to all the concerned ‘pundits’ (those have been claiming that ‘Karachi has become a peaceful city now because of LEAs action against culprits and they have maintained the law and order situation of Quaid’s city’ and refer some so-called, true and fake, incorrect, self-made and inappropriate official handouts, press releases, ‘governmental reports’ even public and private media reports) regarding the world most sensitive, curbing, teasing, emotional and restricting issue of Shia targeting, kidnapping and forcibly missing.

Shame on them those mindsets will not change would be treated as ‘tail of dog always remain curved’ after seeing these following recent short trailers;

Karachi under terror sleeper cells

Karachi has been under immense pressure with the ongoing terror attacks, the existence of terror sleeper cells and sectarian violence has been among the major challenges that the security forces have been struggling with.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has been claiming that peace has prevailed in the country, since the day he has taken the office, calling on the business community to invest in the country. However, the tall claims do not reflect or co-relate with the situation on the ground in the country’s financial hub as the menace of target killing continues unabated.

In the latest tragic incident, Syed Ali Raza Abidi, a senior lawmaker of the political party Muttahida Qaumi Movement – Pakistan (MQM-P) was shot dead by two unknown assailants on a motorbike in the late hours of Thursday in Karachi’s DHA area.

CTD arrests hardened terrorist Ishaq Gul from Karachi

The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) of Karachi Police has arrested a most wanted terrorist of outlawed Jundullah Terror Group, the CTD Chief Raja Umar Khattab said in a press briefing on Thursday, PMI reported.

Arrested terrorist Mohammad Ishaq alias Gul was named in the red book, police have recovered a suicide jacket and a hand grenade from his possession.

According to the CTD Chief, the alleged terrorist had entered in Balochistan from Afghanistan and then arrived in the interior of Sindh. He had come to Karachi for a major terrorist attack in the metropolis; he was wanted to police in a number of cases, Ishaq alias Gul was a neighbour of Ataur Rehman alias Naeem Bukhari of banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) terrorist group, Umar Khattab told the media.

Accused Ishaq was involved in two explosions outside a hotel of Karachi and fled to Afghanistan after a police encounter in 2008, scores of his accomplices were killed in encounters or arrested by the police, Umar concluded.

Jundullah is the terrorist group who was involved in an attack on Corps Commander Karachi on June 11, 2004.

As many as 11 people were killed and 12 others were injured when a convoy of the Corps Commander of Karachi was ambushed near the Clifton Bridge. Lt-Gen Ahsan Saleem Hayat and his convoy came under heavy fire as they approached the bridge on their way to the corps headquarters.

According to sources, the accused Ishaq had join banned Jindullah Group in the year 2006 and went to Afghanistan to get training of terrorism and supervised terror actions in Pakistan especially in Karachi from Afghanistan including the sectarian violence, Shia target killing and kidnappings for ransom of opponent religious sect, a collection of extortion money, bomb blasts and many other heinous crimes and terror activities during the last 12 years.

Sources also claimed that some sensational details will be uncovered during the interrogation and most important and needed information would also be uncovered particularly in continuation of thousands of Shia missing persons, their target killings and the bomb blast during Majalis and processions.


World first ‘University Of Jihad’ in Pakistan

World’s first ‘University of Jihad’ is led by a man who proclaims himself “the father of the Taliban,” and counts some of the most notorious global terrorists among its alumni.

It also receives millions of dollars in aid from the government (Govt) of the restive Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Province along the Pakistan-Afghan border, even as Islamabad carries out a national program to tackle extremism.

The Darul Uloom Haqqania religious seminary, located in Akora Khattak in northwest Pakistan is known for preaching a fundamentalist brand of Islam and schooling a generation of fighters for both the Afghan Taliban and the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP converted into ISIS/Daesh), also known as the Pakistani Taliban.

Around 3,000 young men with beards and white skullcaps study at Haqqani’s sprawling campus — located about 50 kilometres east of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s capital, Peshawar, and 90 kilometres west of the national capital, Islamabad — making it one of the largest Islamic teaching centres in the world.

As could be expected from an Islamic institution of learning, students memorize the Koran and study Islamic law and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. But the seminary’s teachings rooted in the Sunni Deobandi movement, which developed in India in the late 19th century in opposition to British colonialism, encourages its adherents to conduct violent jihad, earning the seminary a sordid reputation.

‘Three Pak ministers having “long-held ties” with terrorists’

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Thursday said he does not trust PTI with cracking down on banned organizations while reiterating his demand that the government remove from the federal cabinet a trio of ministers who he accuses of having “long-held ties” with proscribed organizations.

“We doubt your intentions (of the promised crackdown against proscribed organizations) because you were allied with proscribed organizations (when you) fought elections,” Bilawal said, referring to the ruling party.

“Everyone knows that three ministers in the cabinet have a long history with banned outfits. Until you remove them, we will keep doubting you,” he said.

“One minister’s video went viral on social media. He can be seen assuring them (leaders of a proscribed party) that ‘we will not take action against you until our government is in place’.

“The other minister made inductions into the PTI from UN-banned organizations like HUM (Harkatul Mujahideen al-Islami) during the elections. He then said on the floor of the house that ‘If you are speaking against banned outfits and the National Action Plan then that is against the country’s interest.

“The third one not only has a long history of being associated with banned outfits, but he has also helped run militant outfits and training camps,” the PPP leader alleged.

Pakistan bans top mediators involved in negotiations with Taliban

Pakistan has enforced a complete ban on top mediators those were involved in negotiations between different Taliban groups and both Pakistani as well as Afghani governments during the last eight years while the Afghan Taliban rejected reports in the Pakistani media that they were prepared to resume meetings with the U.S. special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad in Islamabad and repeated their refusal to deal directly with the Afghan government.

Pakistani newspapers and television stations reported that a meeting in Islamabad was in prospect following discussions between Khalilzad and Pakistani officials including Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday.

Senior Taliban leaders said that regional powers including Pakistan had approached them and wanted them to meet the U.S. delegation in Islamabad and also include the Afghan government in the peace process but that the approaches had been rejected.

“We wanted to make it clear that we will not hold any meeting with Zalmay Khalilzad in Islamabad,” Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid in a statement.

The official sources claimed that talks between the two sides were the result of a continuous secret struggle of some Pakistani, Afghani and Indian Muslims those have been performed a very vital role as mediators but on the specific directives of Pak security forces, the present government has enforced completely banned overall mediators including most influential Pakistani journalist Syed Jaffer Abbas Jafri, Qari Ghulam Rasool Wilayati, Maulana Muhammad Ehsan Kohati, Hafiz Abdul Rauf Yaqoob, Sardar Syed Aftab Alam Shah, Mufti Hafeezullah Noorullah and Mullah Mir Himayaullah Afridi those were the part of a peace negotiations on the special request of both countries hence, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen, India, and China were always acknowledged their contribution towards peace in South and Central Asian region.

The main reason for the ban is neither Pakistan nor the Afghan government is ready to include women’s participation in negotiations whereas, the Taliban have two serious problems. Firstly, they have not included the democratically the elected government of Afghanistan, led by President Ashraf Ghani secondly; they have failed to include a single woman while the said mediators were also insisting women’s participation in negotiations that’s why the Pakistani government enforced a complete ban on all mediators and directed Law Enforcing Agencies to keep them away from all official activities and representation, sources added.

One of the said mediators told PMI yesterday that including him only two peacekeepers are living in Pakistan while the rest are being either lived overseas or have left their countries earlier but if they return back to their countries they would definitely either be murdered by different Taliban groups or arrested by their government because we all have declared mutinied officially.


19 Shia Muslims martyred, dozens injured in Quetta

At least nineteen people were killed and several injured in a blast at Quetta’s Hazarganji Sabzi Mandi (Fruit Market) on Friday morning, authorities said. 

DIG Quetta Abdul Razaq Cheema confirmed eight people had died, while at least seven others were injured in the blast. 

Buildings located nearby were also damaged in the blast, police said. 

The bodies and injured were shifted to Bolan Medical Complex and Civil Hospital Quetta. Security forces have cordoned off the site of the blast.

This is a developing story. More details will be added as they are made available. 

Two more Shia journalists kidnapped in Karachi

Two more Shia journalist have forcibly kidnapped by secret security agencies on specific directions of the federal government during the last five days in Karachi.

According to sources Matloob Hussain Moosavi of Daily Jang (a largely circulated Urdu newspaper) and Syed Ali Mubasshir Naqvi of Abb Takk News (a private TV channel) were abducted from their homes on March 30 and April 01 respectively but neither the police nor any Law Enforcing Agency (LEA) knows about their whereabouts while neither the provincial nor the federal government is ready to take any action against abductees hence, neither the Karachi Press Club (KPC) nor Karachi Union of Journalists (KUJ), Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) or any other journalistic organization, group, or human rights association have called for the recovery of both journalists even issued a formal statement in this regard except for the KPC which just subjected the matter because Moosavi was a member of them.

Sources also claimed neither any newspaper nor a news channel is allowed to publish or on-air any news regarding the kidnapping of both journalists otherwise not only the concerned Reporter but also, the News Head would be kidnapped too like others those have already been disappeared in past.

The families and friends of the abducted journalists are extremely anxious and worried about their dear and near ones but they are also much feared about safety and life protection while the LEAs have already been directed to keep their mouth shut otherwise not only the life of abductees would be ended but they would have to face severe consequences and they may also book in false terror cases as the agencies are doing since a long.

It is worth mentioned here for the record and info of all authorities of Pakistan as well as all national, regional and international organizations, unions and associations those work for journalists that the targeted killing and the kidnapping of Shia journalists have not only become the routine but this issue is also increasing day by day especially since the formation of Imran government.

‘This correspondent’ was already been clearly warned as ‘he’ cautioned many times earlier that if the news of said journalist’s abduction would be published; the said correspondent would immediately be taken into custody of LEAs as the government has already authorized them to do so but ‘this correspondent’ is filing this report to the international media for publishing and on-airing this news while ‘he’ also owns all contents of this news as ‘his’ previous hundreds of news, those, at last, proved correct word by word.

The above short trailers were just a metal preparation for all, those have always been claiming wrong and denying the reality, truthiness and arguing baseless. Thousands of many mainly reliable relevant published reports may also present in this connection while, the unpublished and hidden data will definitely change the whole mental hygiene of critics.

‘This correspondent’ collected the above details and data with figures and prepared this ‘world exclusive report” not only for the publication and on-airing for print, electronic and social media but this report is also being filed for all national and international news websites, all official authorities of the world, historians, intellectuals, researchers, writers, journalists, teachers, students, the general public and all individuals and public and private, organizations, LEAs, UNO, human rights activists as ‘mainly valid charter/ journal’ which may not only be treated as ‘most authentic reference’ and ‘this correspondent’ also offered to the whole world that if anyone is challenged this journal even a single word of this research report, he/she would not only be encouraged but if he/she proves anything incorrect or against the real facts would be awarded one hundred million US dollars and also a certificate of appreciation but within three days after the period of first publication of this journal as per global journalistic ethics because neither it’s a joke nor anyone is allowed to play with the emotions of aggrieved persons, their families and dishonour them or the victims those are waiting for justice since a long while neither one can feel their curb nor pain those have already been lost their near and dear ones.

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