Friday , September 30 2022

n Science & Technology InnovationDrugs Case: Koratala Siva Makes Sensational Remarks; Ram Gopal Varma Yet Again Targets Akun Sabharwal

Hyderabad: Amidst the ongoing investigation into the sensational drugs scandal, Tollywood director Koratala Siva has wished that all the state governments in the country would set up SIT to eradicate corruption.
Taking to his Twitter handle on Friday, Koratala Siva wanted to say that corruption has far more serious consequences than the drugs in the society. The remarks came after the drugs case became the most happening issue in the state capital.
Koratala said that governments can take steps in setting up Special Investigation Teams (SIT) if they are committed to eradicating corruption, the director tweeted.
Meanwhile, director Ram Gopal Varma, who is known for his controversial tweets and posts, said that IPS officer Akun Sabarwal and IAS Chandravadan should answer the question how come Ravi Teja Charmme Kaur Puri Jagannadh Navdeep #Subbaraju are so energetic and healthy despite taking drugs. He said the experts should responsibly explain to the question if not there is a danger of getting inspired.

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