Thursday , August 11 2022


By Syed Hussain Ali Sajjad
Hyderabad Nov 18 The sixty eight mourning days of Azadari in memory of the “Battle of Karbala” have been completed in twin cities of Hyderabad, Secunderabad and both the Telugu states Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.
As usual the mourning days Azadari began from the moonsighting of the month of Muharram in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad as well as in the both Telugu States. In Hyderabad City the Most popular Bibi Ka Alwawa situated at Dabeerpura, Hyderabad, Bagah-e- Hzt AbulFazlil Abbasa.s at Dewan Dewdi, Aza Khana-e- Zehra at Dar-ul-Shifa, Badeshahi Ashoor Khana, Nale Mubarak both at Pathar Gatti, and in many other Alawas, Ashoor Khanas, Dewdi Inayat Jung Bhadur, Baitul Qayam both situated at Purani Haveli and a large number of Shia Muslims Houses Alam-e- Mubarak were installed and performed Majali-se-Aza peacefully with a message Hussainas Sab Ke Hain (people who do not believe in God and Religion they believe in Imam Hussainas Martyrdom)
On the day of Aashoora before Imam Hussainas offered his martyrdom he called out to the people saying “Hal Min Naasirin yensurna? (Is there any to help me?), to this many people from all over the world gather at Karbala to commemorate martyrdom of Imam Hussainas on Aashoora and also pay tribute on Arbaeen.
The non-Muslims are very impressed with azadari which gives a message of Communal Harmony and humanity and integrity by the way of open the doors of Majali-se-Aza for every one irrespective of cast and cried/ religion and particularly with the khooni matami Juloos performed during 10th Muharram (Aashoora) and 20th Safar Arbaeen by chanting Labbayk Ya Hussainas in the memory of “Battle of Karbala” and on the other hand under the banner of Tanzeem-e-Jaffery and Hussaini Group the members of Sada-e-Hussaini TV group/ Hussaini Group and their followers donated their blood in respect of martyrdom of Imam Hussainas in the name of Imam Hussainas during the 68 mourning days of Azadari and provided it to the needy peoples.
The President Syed Najaf Ali Shoukat of Markazi Anjuman Matami Gurohaan Hyderabad TS and executive body members thanks to all the Azadar particularly all the members Anjumans and Gurohaan of Markazi Anjuman Matami Grohaan Hyderabad TS for extending their co-operation during the mourning days and followed the advice/appeal of Markazi Anjuman Matami Gurohaan of Hyderabad TS and peacefully completed the sixty eight mourning days of Azadari.
Since 1955 “CHUP TAZIA” (Silent Juloos) procession is taken out by Markzi Anjuman Matami Gurohaan Hyderabad, TS from Alawa-e-Yateema to Alawa-e- Sartouq Mubarak Dar-ul-Shifa and reached Alaway Sartouq Mubarak before Prayer (Namaz/Salaat) of Maghrib Azaan which was reflecting the respect of Azadari and possess great impact and dignity of Azadari to the others sects of Islam and also to other Religion.
The president of Markazi Anjuman Matami Gurohaan Hyderabad TS Mr Syed Najaf Ali Shoukat (Senior Journalist) said thanks to all the Government departments officials and workers who offered their services during the 68 mourning days of Azadari particularly Commissioner of Police Hyderabad Sri Anjani Kumar IPS, DCP South Zone Sri Amber Kishore, Sri Babu Rao and Specially called the then DCP South Zone Sri Satyanarayana, Mr Shoukat also said thanks to officials and workers of Water Works Department, Electric City Department and Commissioner of GHMC Hyderabad and their workers and Traffic Police officials and their subordinate who render their services during mourning days of Azadari. (Newslines)

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